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US warns Ukraine is a ‘battle lab’ for Iran’s weapons and Afghan’s are being turned away from joining the Legion to fight against Russia

by LLB political Reporter
9th Mar 23 4:20 pm

A senior US defence official has warned on Thursday that Ukraine is a “battle lab” for Iran to learn “techniques” and “tactics” to test their weapons to then use in the Middle East.

The US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin who is a retired four star General and is the first African American to serve in his position further warned that Moscow are prepared to supply Tehran with advanced technology in return for “lethal aid.”

For many months Russia have been using Iranian made and supplied Shahed suicide drones to target widespread areas in Ukraine.

The US defence Secretary said whilst on a visit to Israel, “Everyone should be preparing for what the threat scenarios look like when Iran takes the tactics, techniques and procedures it learned in Ukraine and starts to use those coercive tactics here.”

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US trained Afghan fighters have been attempting to join Ukraine’s Foreign Legion and despite having been trained by the Americans they are being turned away.

News website Semafor reported that around 100 of the US trained Afghan fighters who want to help Ukraine in the fight against Russia were turned away.

Semafor claims that some 300 Afghan nationals have applied to Ukraine’s Foreign Legion website which is privately run for Kyiv have all been rejected.

Of the 300 men, 150 are said to be members of Afghanistan’s US-trained counter-terrorism unit Ktah Khas and the Legion’s founder estimates that there could well be thousands who are wanting to fight for Ukraine.

Sky News reported that, Kadim, a former elite Afghan reconnaissance unit member, said there are so many who want to fight against Russia’s “war against democracy and humanity and a full-scale genocide,” and Ryan Routh, who heads up the International Volunteer Centre said that they just “do not want these soldiers.”

Routh added, “I have had partners meeting with [Ukraine’s MoD] every week and still have not been able to get them to agree to issue one single visa.”

Ukrainian authorities are concerned that if they did except them then spies could infiltrate as the Wagner mercenary group had a lot of recruitment in Afghanistan.

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