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Prime Minister ‘cannot rule out’ a Christmas lockdown and Brits are ‘strongly’ urged to get vaccinated

15th Nov 21 3:48 pm

The Prime Minister said this afternoon during a press conference at Downing Street that the Storm clouds” are gathering in Europe and we cannot be “complacent.”

Boris Johnson said that Covid cases have increased in England as well as in Europe and warned that we do not know how extreme it will get in the UK, “but we can’t afford to be complacent.”

Johnson told the conference there is a “new wave” of the virus sweeping through central Europe which is now affecting western Europe.

He said, “We don’t yet know the extent to which this new wave will sweep up on our shores but history shows that we cannot afford to be complacent.”

Johnson was asked by Fergus Walsh from the BBC if he can rule out a Christmas lockdown. The Prime Minister said “we cannot rule anything out,” but there is nothing in the data currently to show they need to.

Johnson told reporters that it would be an utter tragedy if those who have had both vaccines to catch the virus if they did not get their booster jab.

Johnson said “it would be an utter tragedy” if people who are double vaccinated because they didn’t get a booster jab.

The Chief Medical Office, Professor Chris Whitty said the UK is now seeing a weekly average of cases now standing at 37,488.

Professor Whitty is “strongly” urging people to get vaccinated and said data from February to September has revealed that 1,714 pregnant women were hospitilised with the virus and 1,681 had not had their jab.

Professor Whitty told reporters, “These are preventable admissions”

“So can I please encourage all women who are pregnant or wishing to become pregnant to get their vaccination and I would extend that also, incidentally, to flu, which is also very dangerous for women who are pregnant.”

He also said the number of of people who have had their third jab is “continuing to rise,” and added there is “clear evidence that having a booster significant increases your protection at all age ranges.”

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