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Russia raises the stakes as they ‘unscrewed’ a ‘nuclear warhead dummy’ from their ‘nuclear arsenal’ and fired it at Kyiv

by LLB staff reporter
18th Nov 22 11:19 am

Russia has raised the stakes in the war and “unscrewed” a “nuclear warhead dummy” and placed it onto a Kh-55 cruise missile and then fired it at Kyiv.

The “nuclear capable” missile which had the warhead removed was shot down by Ukraine and the country has been under a barrage of missile strikes in recent days.

The Strategic Communications Centre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told local media the Defence Express that Russia installed a dummy nuclear warhead onto a Kh-55 rocket.

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A Ukrainian official said, “Simply put, for this strike, the orcs took at least one Kh-55 missile from their ‘nuclear arsenal.’ ‘unscrewed’ the nuclear warhead and replaced it with a dummy before firing it at Ukraine.

“Although we should not rule it out that as events develop, at least a few such missiles will be seen.”

Questions are now being asked did Russia forget to place a “conventional warhead in its place?” or is this a warning of what Moscow could be planning.

Following an examination of the missile debris, the science and technology publication technology.org said this raises many questions.

The publication wrote, “There is a chance that the Russian federation is running out of conventional missiles of Kh-555 modification and they are using Kh-55 instead.

“If a nuclear charge was taken out, does this mean Russian soldiers forgot to put a conventional warhead in its place?

“Or, if a nuclear warhead was taken out, where is it now?”

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