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Parliament steps up Covid rules as the ‘risk of transmission on the parliamentary estate is now greater’

2nd Nov 21 2:13 pm

Parliament has stepped up their Covid rules as there are concerns as there has been a surge in infections amongst MPs.

The Commons authorities have been forced to act to prevent more infections as the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) warned that the “risk of transmission on the parliamentary estate is now greater.”

MPs have been told that they must now wear face masks and last week staffers and visitors to the estate were told it is now mandatory wear them except when speaking, eating or drinking.

In an email seen by the Mirror, all non-parliamentary events, tours and banquets have now been suspended for two weeks.

Staff have been told that face to face meetings “should be avoided, unless there is a business need,” and some staff have been told to work from home.

Labour MP Ben Bradshaw compared Parliament’s contradictory rules to an “antediluvian Alice in Wonderland.”

Bradshaw tweeted, “You get chucked out of Parliament for not wearing a jacket & tie.

“If you won’t wear a mask, a recommended public health measure to protect others, nothing. What an antediluvian Alice in Wonderland this remains.”

A Parliamentary spokesperson said: “The House’s priority is to ensure that those on the estate are safe while business is facilitated.

“There have been recent increases in COVID-19 across the country and these are also being reflected in Parliament. The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has determined that the risk of transmission on the Parliamentary Estate is now greater.

“As a consequence, some further action is being taken to ensure that case numbers do not continue to rise. The measures will be reviewed in two weeks’ time.”

A No10 spokesman said, “It’s a matter for individuals to make that decision.

“You can expect to see the same from him again, based on what he did last week in the house.”

The spokesman was asked if Boris Johnson was disappointed in the Commons taking a tough line?

He said, “You’ve heard the Prime Minister speak before about the ultimate winter period and the fact that we know that it’s going to be difficult we set out quite clearly in our autumn winter plan, what plan A and plan B is and you’ll be aware that we are not telling people what they need to do and plan a relies heavily on people’s own decisions.

“What Parliament choose to do in the parliamentary state as I say, is a matter for the parliamentary authorities.”

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