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Suella Braverman accused of ‘slagging off’ the Tory Party which has caused ‘utter fury’

8th Jul 24 8:44 am

The former Home Secretary Suella Braverman has caused “utter fury” from colleagues in the Conservative party who is accused of “slagging the party off.”

Following Rishi Sunak’s resignation on Friday there will now be a serious of Tories who will throw their hat in the ring and will attempt to be the next leader of the Conservatives Party.

Braverman has said there will be “no” immediate “announcements” from her, but she has previously been tipped to possibly become the next Conservative leader.

The Mirror reported that Braverman said, “We’ve just got to take our time, we’ve got to figure out what the situation is. It’s been a really bad result. There’s no two ways about it.

“Hundreds of excellent Tory MPs have been kicked out of office.

Braverman published an article in the Telegraph and has been accused of giving praise to Reform UK before the polls opened which has caused “utter fury,” a source told the Mirror.

She wrote in the Telegraph prior to the polls opening on Thursday, “I don’t agree with Mr Farage on everything.

“But we Tories need to reflect honestly and with humility to ask ourselves how a start-up party, with very little infrastructure, has galvanised the electorate and lured so many of our life-long supporters.

“Millions of traditional Tory voters simply aren’t wrong. In house after house, lifelong Conservatives are furious with our party. At worst, they feel betrayed and politically homeless.”

Two senior Tory sources told the Mirror that the article has cost some their seats in the general election.

The Mirror reported the sources saying, “Some people lost by 10 or 15 seats,” one Tory source said. “While they were knocking on doors, she was sitting writing op-eds slagging us off.”

A former Tory Minister told the paper, “The only reason she hasn’t been expelled from the party for that article is because the infrastructure, the 1922 Committee, doesn’t currently exist.”

The Conservative Party was annihilated in the general election with the worst votes ever seen and completely lost all votes in Wales.

Braverman said on Friday after Labour’s landslide victory, that the Conservatives have “let down” the country as she secured her seat in Fareham and Waterlooville.

Braverman said, “I want to briefly address the result in the rest of the country. And there is only one thing that I can say. Sorry.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry that my party didn’t listen to you. The Conservative Party has let you down.

“You, the great British people, voted for us over 14 years and we did not keep our promises.”

Braverman slammed the former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and said the Conservative Party acted “as if we are entitled to your vote.”

She is angry and said, “We’ve acted as if we’re entitled to your vote, regardless of what we did, regardless of what we didn’t do. Despite promising time after time that we would do those things.

“And we need to learn our lesson. Because if we don’t, as bad as tonight has been for my party, we’ll have many worse nights to come.”

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