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Moscow blames ‘Sunak’ for Navalny’s death’ as Putin could be preparing for more conflict

16th Feb 24 4:42 pm

The chairman of the Russian Duma has blamed the West for Alexie Navalny’s death who was being held at a maximum security prison near to the Arctic Circle.

Vyacheslav Volodin who is the chairman of Russia’s State Duma, which is a chamber of Russian parliament blamed the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, NATO’s leaders, Germany, Ukraine and the US who are “the perpetrators of Navalny’s death.”

Volodin blamed the West over their “failed decisions” and hit out at the West for making accusations against Russia and Vladimir Putin without waiting for the results of Navalny’s death.

The Russian Duma chairman said, “They, who have made a huge number of failed decisions and are clinging on to their jobs, benefit from his death.

“Washington and Brussels are to blame for Navalny’s death.”

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“The cause will be determined by forensic experts and the investigation.

“But when, without waiting for results, accusations and statements from politicians and heads of unfriendly states sound absolutely the same, you first need to answer the question: who benefits from Navalny’s death today?”

Volodin continued with his bluster and accused the West of wanting “to destroy Russia” as they will benefit along with those “who are not supported by their own population and have no chance of winning elections.

He added, “At the same time want to retain power by any means.”

Ariel Cohen, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council Eurasia Centre said that Putin is the same as Joseph Stalin was, he would always execute his political opponents to stay in power, and the Russian leader has been accused of taking his country into a “dark, dark place.”

Sky News reported that Cohen said, “I am wondering if this is a part of some kind of a Putin plan of cleaning up before a bigger conflict in Europe.

“There are many more signs today that Putin is preparing to escalate the conflict beyond Ukraine.

“This regime is comparable to the regime of Joseph Stalin. Stalin executed his political opponents.”

Cohen added that Navalny had “exposed deep, pervasive corruption of the ruling circles,” including the police and FSB.

Nail Mukhitov, an aide to the Russian Security Council’s secretary, told Russian Tass news agency Tass this month, that the West want to harm Russia by waging a “full scale war” against them.

He said, “Attempts to break our country do not stop. The West is waging a full-scale war against Russia in all spheres and wants to weaken, divide, and ultimately destroy it.”

He accused the US of “inciting its vassals against Moscow,” Mukhitov added, “The countries under its control are now erasing the facts about the friendship of our peoples from history.”

He said, “Former National Security Adviser to the US President John Bolton directly said that the United Nations and NATO should switch to offensive actions: start unraveling the frozen conflicts of the post-Soviet space.”

Top NATO generals have warned that Vladimir Putin could be preparing for a first strike in Europe threatening World War Three.

NATO military leaders are warning nuclear strikes could take place on civilian and military infrastructure inside European countries.

Officials in Berlin have said that Germany will become a “turntable” for supply lines for NATO forces to provide munitions for potential targets.

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