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Brits warned of travelling to Paris for the Olympics

29th May 24 2:02 pm

Brits are being warned of travelling to Paris for the summer Olympics over a major rise in “sexual assaults, rapes [and] fights.”

Paris’s chief prosecutor, Laure Beccuau has issued an urgent warning over soaring cases of criminal gangs, a surge in violence, theft, fraud and sexual assaults in the French capital.

Paris’s chief prosecutor said there will be an estimated 16 million visitors including some 1.5 million tourists, 500,000 Brits who are anticipated to attend the Olympics which will most likely see a huge surge in criminal activity.

He told French media, “We are expecting the arrival of Eastern European and South American gangs that specialise in ripping luxury watches, jewellery, and handbags off tourists.”

Beccuau told Le Parisien in an interview they are expecting a rise in “sexual assaults, rapes [and] fights” during the Olympics.

He then warned of the potential in a rise in child and adult prostitution and they are expecting a hike in fraudulent schemes of fake tickets, online rental scams and hustlers.

Speaking to France Info Baccuau said, “In reality, they are the same types of offences that await tourists … each summer in Paris.”

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