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Londoners’ six hottest gifts this COVID-Christmas and where to get them

by John Saunders
22nd Dec 20 9:39 am

Unsurprisingly, Christmas celebrations this year feel different to normal. Amidst mass furloughs and redundancies, the strain families are facing is unparalleled. But that doesn’t mean the gifts we share with our loved ones need to be any less special. While Christmas can be a time of excitement and joy, the quest for the perfect present for our love ones can often be a source of stress — not just in terms of the right gift, but also in our search to find it at the right price. But worry not! To stave off the festive blues this COVID-Christmas we’ve done the hard work for you. By analysing consumer shopping data from across the web, we’ve crunched the numbers to identify this year’s hottest selling products among London consumers and the best places to get them. Interestingly, our price comparison study reveals that innovative, e-retail shopping app, Wholee Prime, is shaking up this year’s Christmas shopping options.

1. Bluetooth headphones

Demand for Bluetooth headphones has exploded in recent years. Globally, the industry is expected to reach a total of $17.5 billion by 2025. Their popularity comes from their convenience, and their capacity to meet users’ changing expectations and needs. Yet, their sky-high prices often make them unaffordable. While many outlets offer them at a reduced rate, we’ve found that Wholee Prime is the best place to go to guarantee the cheapest prices. Wholee Prime’s ‘Wireless Bluetooth Headphones’ are their top-selling product and comes in for as little as £10 making them the perfect present this Christmas.

2. Fitness technology

Despite this year giving rise to an unprecedented global health crisis – and with it a dramatic shift in the way we’re able to exercise – it doesn’t mean demand for fitness has faded. Wholee Prime offers a range of fitness products at a fraction of the retail price, perfect for a fitness junkie or gym bunny without the unnecessary cost. Their ‘Smart Watch Band’, a fitness tracker that monitors user’s heart rate and blood pressure, is the site’s eighth most popular item and comes in for as little as £3. To give the gift of health and fitness this year, a smart watch is the best choice.

3. Toy building blocks

Lego has been the top selling Christmas presents for kids year on year, but prices are staggering and continue to rise. Sets are typically very expensive, which is particularly frustrating considering the rate at which children grow out of their toys! Fortunately, there are many Lego-compatible alternatives that don’t have such high prices. Wholee Prime offers a range of affordable Lego substitutes at a third of the normal retail price, that are guaranteed to make your children happy this Christmas.

4. Christmas masks

Our lifestyle has changed drastically over this past year. One of the most obvious displays of this is the need for facemasks in confined public spaces. Unsurprisingly, a festive facemask is the best way to spread Christmas joy while keeping safe during these unprecedented times. Innovative retailers, including Etsy and Wholee Prime have begun offering a variety of affordable, Christmas face masks that make for the perfect stocking-filler this year. Forget the Christmas jumpers, 2020 is all about the statement mask!

5. Ring lights

The coronavirus pandemic has made ring lights a home essential. They’ve become a crucial component of the ‘remote worker kit’, and with remote working set to stay for the foreseeable future, a professional piece of equipment would make an excellent gift this Christmas. Ring lights provide illumination with little shadow that minimises blemishes but come at a high cost. On Amazon, for example, ring lights average around £35. For discounted rates Wholee Prime is the best option, selling lights as low as £10.

6. Winter earmuffs and masks

Winter accessories are always a great gift for a loved one for Christmas. But, for this year, why not make things a bit more exciting with a ‘Winter Scarf Set’ that combines a hat, scarf and face mask all into one. This giftset is currently the top selling product on Wholee Prime, who sell a variety of products in a cashmere-wool blend at significantly reduced prices. They also sell this product for children in a variety of different colours and designs. An excellent way to keep your children safe and warm this winter.

Whatever your Christmas needs this festive season, challenger e-retail apps like Wholee Prime are transforming the way you pay and the price you pay for this year’s most sought after Christmas goodies.

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