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London named as UK’s 3rd most entrepreneurial city

by LLB staff reporter
18th Nov 20 12:06 pm

Releasing their annual Entrepreneurial Index, Instant Offices revealed London ranks as the third Most Entrepreneurial City in 2020, just behind Portsmouth and Bradford.

Last year, an impressive 672,890 new companies launched in the UK. An increase of 8.5% on the previous year and the highest since 2010. With that in mind, Instant Offices analysed population to startup ratio across the UK’s top cities to discover which place has the highest concentration of entrepreneurs.

London leads the pack with the highest number of startups launched in the country. At 242,442, the number of new businesses registered in the capital in 2020 is around 35 times higher than our top-ranking city. However, when comparing population to business ratio, Portsmouth ranks highest for its high concentration of entrepreneurial activity. The number of new businesses launched in Portsmouth has increased by 33% this year, compared to 31% in London.

Instant’s Entrepreneurial Index ranks top cities in the UK by analysing Companies House data and comparing new business to population ratio.

Entrepreneurial Cities Total COMPANIES Launched IN 2020 Entrepreneurial Index
Portsmouth 6924 33%
Bradford 4786 32%
London 242442 31%
Coventry 8279 31%
Leicester 11289 31%
Wolverhampton 3206 28%
Leeds 8039 26%
Liverpool 37602 24%
Manchester 30317 24%
Sunderland 1295 24%
Nottingham 8011 22%
Bristol 8333 21%
Newcastle 7016 19%
Sheffield 80946 19%
Birmingham 72078 18%
GLASGOW 19404 15%
bRIGHTON 7630 14%
EDINBURGH 6352 10%
BELFAST 7644 10%
CARDIFF 6809 5%

Growth Across All UK Cities a Positive

Out of the 21 cities analysed, Cardiff shows the slowest growth year-on-year at 5%; however, this growth is still extremely positive. In fact, of all the cities compared, we saw an increase across the board, indicating the UK entrepreneurial ecosystem has been busier than ever over the last 12 months.

2020 Set to Be a Record Year for New Companies

According to another report, 2020 could be a record year for new companies launched as entrepreneurs emerge from challenging circumstances, with an estimated 84,758 companies set to launch in the UK this year – the most considerable rise in new business activity since 2011.

In fact, according to the latest UK Flexible Workspace Market Report by Instant, there has been a rise in demand within smaller, regional markets, with some towns seeing growth of well over 100%. With suburban demand on the rise, average desk costs for flexible offices have increased by 5%, where rates have dropped by 6% in London.

Commenting on the research, John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices said, “Despite uncertainty caused by the pandemic, we could see a record number of new companies launching as entrepreneurs emerge across the country. The onset and spread of the pandemic has had a massive impact on the growth of entrepreneurship in the country, with many new businesses having to pivot to survive during the crisis.

“While the exact implications of COVID-19 on business and the economy at large is still uncertain, the UK’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit endures.”

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