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Life expectancy for Russian soldier is just ‘four hours’ amid ‘fierce battles for every street, every house, every stairwell’

6th Feb 23 10:28 am

Fighting in Bakhmut has intensified and soldiers on both sides can fight for 10 hours in a row and there is not “enough words to explain it, it’s hell on earth.”

The eastern city of Bakhmut, Ukraine has been described as “a symbol of Ukrainian invincibility,” and Ukrainian soldiers are fighting against the Russian Army which is some ten times larger.

The Ukrainian armed forces “are not retreating,” and they “are fighting up to the last ditch” and in Vuhledar, eastern Ukraine in the Donetsk region there is also fierce fighting.

Ukrainian troops have described that the scene in Bakhmut is something out of a zombie movie as Russian troops are literally climbing over dead comrades and simply will not die when they’re shot.

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Ukrainian soldier Andriy told CNN, “We were fighting for about 10 hours in a row. And it wasn’t like just waves, it was uninterrupted.

“So, it was just like they didn’t stop coming. It was about 20 soldiers on our side. And let’s say 200 from their side.”

He described the fierce fighting against Putin’s convict army to a zombie movie, adding, “They’re climbing above the corpse of their friends, stepping on them.”

Andriy said that a machine gunner, said he was shocked because when he shot the Russian soldiers, they just kept moving until they bled out and died.

He added, “It looks like it’s very, very likely that they are getting some drugs before they attack.”

A Ukrainian journalist who spoke to soldiers in Bakhmut on the front lines reportedly claimed Ukrainian troops had told her, “The average lifespan for mobilised fighters in Bakhmut is four hours.”

Locals have remained to stay despite the fierce fighting and Bakhmut-born Nadiya Burdinska told France24, “Only a dummy wouldn’t be afraid.”

She added: “Everything is possible… if God wants it, I’ll stay alive.”

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of Wagner Group closed all rumours that Ukrainian soldiers were running away from Bakhmut.

In a statement, “The Ukrainian armed forces are not retreating.

“They are fighting up to the last ditch… there are fierce battles for every street, every house, every stairwell”.

Petro Voloschenko, a Ukrainian soldier, told AP, “Right now, there aren’t enough words to explain it; it’s hell on earth,” and said that Bakhmut is “a symbol of Ukrainian invincibility.”

He added, “Bakhmut is the heart of Ukraine, and the future peace of those cities that are no longer under occupation depends on the rhythm with which it beats.”

Ukrainian intelligence chiefs have confirmed that around 500,000 troops will “try something” to launch a new “anniversary” attack on 24 February in Ukraine.

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s national security and defence council, said, “Now they are preparing for maximum activation, and they believe that by the anniversary they should have some achievements.

“There is no secret that they are preparing for a new wave by February 24, as they themselves say.”

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