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Lib Dems agree ‘Sunak got one thing right in his speech’ as ‘no one will believe anything’

11th Jun 24 2:08 pm

The Prime Minister has admitted that his government have not “got everything right” and knows that people are “frustrated” with him.

Rishi Sunak made the admission as he launched the Conservative Party General Election manifesto.

Speaking at the Silverstone racing track, Sunak who was trying to get on to the grid admitted further that he is “not blind” to the fact voters are fed up with the Tories.

Sunak said, “I’m not blind to the fact that people are frustrated with our party and frustrated with me.

“Things have not always been easy. And we have not got everything right.”

He insists “we are the only party in this election with the big ideas to make our country a better place to live.”

The Prime Minister said that the Tories have delivered “the third highest rate of economic growth in the G7.”

He said that the Tories have under David Cameron’s leadership made “the difficult decisions to repair the public finances.”

Sunak has pledged to scrap self-employed national insurance tax as their taxes “must be cut” and under the Tories we “want to encourage more people to… set up their own businesses.”

Speaking about pensions Sunak has vowed to introduce a “triple lock plus” and they will cut tax and ensure the state pension is not “dragged” into income tax, he said during his manifesto speech.

The Prime Minister said that under a Labour government pensions will be taxed at a higher rate and its “clear your pension simply isn’t safe with the Labour Party.”

Sunak highlighted that Sir Keir Starmer is a socialist who will “take more of your money because they think it belongs to them,” and compare Labour’s tax policies to that of Fight Club which stared Brad Pitt.

Talking about migration Sunak claims that Labour has “no answer” to issue as it should be “your government that decides who comes to our country – and not criminal gangs.”

He said that the Labour leader has “no answer” to migrations and that Sir Keir “simply can’t tell you what he would do.”

The Prime Minister pledged in 2022 to sort out the UK’s migration and asylum seeker explosion, but yet more and more are crossing the English Channel.

The Liberal Democrats deputy leader Daisy Cooper said, “Rishi Sunak got one thing right in this speech: people are frustrated with him and the Conservative Party.

“This manifesto isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. No-one will believe anything they’re promising today.”

The Labour Party’s national campaign coordinator described Sunak’s speech as “a recipe for five more years of Tory chaos.”

He compared Sunak’s manifesto to the “chaos of Liz Truss” which was “stuffed full of unfunded spending commitments.”

He said, “The public is still paying the price of the Conservatives crashing the economy,” adding, “Now they promise a repeat if they win again leading to higher mortgages and a weaker economy.”

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