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Kyiv warns the West to ‘pay attention to the Balkans’ as there ‘will be such an explosion again’

by LLB political Reporter
17th Nov 23 8:56 am

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned the West to “pay attention” to the Balkans as there “will be such an explosion again.”

He accused Russia of being behind the “explosion in the Middle East” and said that Kyiv are convinces Moscow has ties with Iran.

He then warned that Moscow are undermining the “situation in Moldova” to demolish the current government by proving there is something wrong with their elections.

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President Zelensky said, “Today everyone is discussing the crisis in the Middle East.

“But, as I have already said frankly, this is not yesterday’s problem. And not the day before yesterday’s problem.

“Everyone knows about this constant conflict and constant war, but no one wants to end it. Since it is convenient – in at some point, just take this mechanism again.

“This is an explosion in the Middle East, Russia is behind this, we are sure, with their allies Iran.”

He then warned, “Pay attention to the Balkans. Believe me, we are receiving information: Russia has a long plan.

“The Middle East, there will be the Balkans, at least, if the countries of the world do nothing now, there will be such an explosion again.”

President Zelensky strongly believes that Russia are again interested in diverting aid, he added, “When you want to help one country or you start dividing this help and attention between many countries, many challenges, many humanitarian challenges.”

Zelensky concluded, “Moldova. Now they are starting to undermine the situation in Moldova. To show that something was wrong there during the elections.

“To recognize the elections as unconstitutional. To again demolish the current government. To demolish the government that is pro-European.”

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