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Kyiv warns attacks on Crimea is ‘the beginning’ that could end up with the Kremlin launching a ‘nuclear strike’

by LLB political Reporter
13th Jan 24 11:23 am

Ukraine’s spy chief has sent Vladmir Putin a direct warning that his naval “fleet is getting smaller” and attacks on Crimea is “just the beginning.”

Ukraine’s head of the intelligence agency said that Moscow had to “move everything” out of Crimea to the southwest as a result of long-range missile attacks on the peninsula by Ukrainian forces.

However, Dmitry Medvedev the head of Russia’s Security Council has warned that Moscow is ready to use nuclear weapons to protect their “territorial integrity” as Crimea is now officially considered part of the Russian Federation.

Should western weapons hit any part of the Russian Federation which are used by Ukraine then the Kremlin will authorise the use of a nuclear strike.

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Lieutenant General Kyrylo Budanov, chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine made reference that Moscow are setting up a new naval base on the coast of Abkhazia, Georgia as a result of attacks on the Russian naval port of Sevastopol.

Budanov said, “In 2023, the first Ukrainian incursions took place in temporarily-occupied Crimea. And this is just the beginning.”

The Ukrainian spy chief added, “The Russians have had to move everything in a hurry to the southeast.”

Any attacks made by Kyiv on Russian territory that involves Western missiles will end up with retaliatory attacks on NATO.

Medvedev reminded Kyiv that any violation of the Russian Federation’s doctrine may end up with a nuclear strike.

NATO and their allies are continuing to show support for Kyiv, Medvedev warned, “This is not a right to self-defence, but a direct and obvious basis for our use of nuclear weapons against such a state.

Writing on Telegram, Medvedev said on Friday, “Today…the main question is whether the hybrid de facto war declared on our country by NATO can be considered to be the alliance’s entry into war with Russia?

Is it possible to view the delivery of a large volume of weapons to Ukraine as an attack on Russia?

“The leaders of NATO countries keep unanimously squawking that their countries and the entire bloc are not at war with Russia.”

He added, “Yet, everyone is well aware that this is not the case.”

Ukrainian commander Mykola Oleshchuk wrote, “The fleet in Russia is getting smaller and smaller.

“Thanks to the Air Force pilots and everyone involved for the filigree work!”

On Telegram, Zelenskyy wrote, “I am grateful to our Air Force for the impressive replenishment of the Russian underwater Black Sea fleet with another vessel.

“The occupiers will not have a single peaceful place in Ukraine.”

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) said in an update that the deadly attacks are “highly likely [to have] degraded the awareness and coverage of Russian air defenses over the Crimean region.”

The MoD added, “This once again demonstrates the ineffectiveness of Russian air defenses in protecting key locations, despite their enhanced preparedness.”

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