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Kremlin warns there is a ‘risk of significant escalation’ as NATO ‘increases combat readiness’ on Russia’s borders

5th Apr 23 1:36 pm

The Kremlin has warned that there is a “risk of a significant escalation” as Finland has joined the alliance and NATO have “increase combat readiness” on the Russia borders.

During a meeting with top Russian military officials, Sergei Shoigu said Moscow have began “taking retaliatory measures” to “defend” their “security of the union state.”

Shoigu told top military officials, “NATO is taking a range of steps to increase the combat-readiness of the joint armed forces. They are intensifying combat training and reconnaissance activities near the borders of Russia and Belarus.”

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Speaking about Finland now being part of NATO, Shoigu said, “Of course, this all creates the risk of a significant escalation of the conflict, but it will not affect the outcome of the ‘special military operation.’[in Ukraine]

“Under these conditions, we are taking retaliatory measures and defending the security of the union state.

“Some Belarusian ground attack aircraft received the ability to strike at targets with nuclear weapons.

“In addition, the Belarusian Armed Forces were handed over Iksander M operational-tactical missile systems. It can use both conventional and nuclear missiles.”

US secretary of state Anthony Blinken, said in Brussels on Tuesday to the Finnish President Sauli Niinisto that he can “thank Putin” for the expansion of NATO.

Now Finland is part of the alliance this has increased the 810 mile border with NATO to around 1,548 miles with Russia.

US Secretary of State said, “I’m tempted to say this is maybe the one thing that we can thank Mr. Putin for because he once again here precipitated something he claims to want to prevent by Russia’s aggression, causing many countries to believe that they have to do more to look out for their own defence and to make sure that they can deter possible Russian aggression going forward.”

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