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Kremlin chief warns a ‘full scale World War III’ may ‘happen at some point’ which is not ‘hypothetical or far-fetched’

by LLB political Reporter
25th Apr 23 2:32 pm

The deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council has discussed the future of the war in Ukraine and warned that a “full scale World War III” may well “happen at some point.”

The close ally of Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev said during an address in Moscow on Tuesday that when he was in his youth, he and his friends discussed the possibility of a nuclear war, he said back then it was “far fetched,” but then warned it is no longer “hypothetical.”

The Kremlin chief insisted he does not want a nuclear war, but this is “mounting daily,” however Western officials say this is all talk as there has been no discernible change in Russia’s position over nuclear weapons.

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Medvedev said, “I cannot say what the last straw, what the trigger may be, but it may happen at some point.

“We all need to work to ensure that this threat of global confrontation, of a hot, full-scale World War III should not materialise.”

He added that when he was a younger, he and his friends would “talk about confrontation with the United States, about confrontation between the Warsaw Pact and the North Atlantic Alliance.

“Back then it seemed like some kind of hypothetical, far-fetched and impossible scenario. But I can’t say that now, however sad this may sound.”

But the current reality is that these constant nuclear threats are simply designed to stop the West from arming Ukraine, which will have no effect.

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