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Kyiv’s plan to attack Moscow with ‘everything the Ukrainian secret service’ has was called off at the last minute

25th Apr 23 12:36 pm

The US government warned Kyiv against their plans to launch a huge attack on Moscow earlier this year and highly classified leaked CIA documents show.

The leaked Pentagon report has revealed that Kyiv was set to hit Moscow with “everything the Ukrainian secret service” had in a revenge strike in a show of force against Vladimir Putin.

Putin and the Kremlin have said since the start of the war on 24 February 2022 that any strike on the Russian Federation could be met with a nuclear response.

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence (HUR) had given orders for preparation of “mass strikes” in Moscow which was due to happen on the first anniversary of the start of the war.

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The CIA learned of the planned attack by tapping Ukrainian officials’ phones, then warned Kyiv that if they were to strike using Western weaponry this would most likely spark conflict between Washington and Moscow.

The highly classified leaked documents revealed that the attack on Moscow was called off just two days before the “mass strike” and that the HUR “has agreed, at Washington’s request, to postpone strikes” on the Russian capital.

Moscow was then aware that an attack was imminent and air defences were then installed around the Russian capital.

Russia ramped up their air defences as the Kremlin had learned that Ukraine was planning to attack Moscow and Pantsir-S1 missile defence systems then appeared on roofs across the capital towards the end of January this year.

Air defence missile systems were also installed near to Putin’s official residence and on the roof of the Ministry of Defence building in Moscow.

Moscow feared an attack is likely and believe that Ukraine drones or cruise missiles could be used in Russia.

The Daily Telegraph was told by a Ukrainian government advisor, “They fulfil only one catastrophic function: they shape public opinion in Western capitals as if Ukraine was an unreasonable, infantile, and impulsive country that is dangerous for adults to trust with serious weapons.”

He added that “Ukraine sees things differently.

“We approach the war with ironclad mathematical logic.

“We need long-range missiles to destroy Russian logistics in the occupied territories and various types of aircraft to protect the sky and destroy Russian fortifications.

“These are the main components of successful counteroffensive operations and minimisation of losses.

“Maybe it’s time to stop playing with excuses and back-alley realpolitik while the war is still ongoing and people are dying?”

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