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Putin makes a ‘high-risk decision’ and deploys one of the ‘world’s most advanced’ new T-14 Armata tank in Ukraine

25th Apr 23 11:29 am

Vladimir Putin has made a “high-risk decision” by deploying Russia’s newest T-14 Armata main battle tank for assaults in Ukraine.

Russia’s RIA state news agency reported on Tuesday morning that the new T-14 Armata tanks have not yet participated in direct assault operations.”

The tanks have been fitted with extra protection and the crew have been involved in “combat coordination” training in Karzan, in Russia’s Tatarstan region.

The new Armata tanks have an unmanned turret which is operated remotely by the crew in “an isolated armoured capsule located in the front of the hull.”

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British military intelligence had initially reported that Russian forces did not want to receive the tanks because of their “poor condition” plus the deployment of the Armata is a “high-risk decision.”

British military intelligence said, “Production is probably only in the low tens, while commanders are unlikely to trust the vehicle in combat.

“Eleven years in development, the programme has been dogged with delays, reduction in planned fleet size, and reports of manufacturing problems.”

The T-14 Armata tank has advanced firepower and weapons systems, a powerful main cannon, advanced targeting and fire control systems and machine guns.

defensebridge explained the difference between Russia’s newest tank and the US M1A2 Abrams.

Defensebridge said, “The M1A2 Abrams and the T-14 Armata are two of the world’s most advanced and heavily armed main battle tanks. Both tanks are designed to operate in modern warfare scenarios and provide superior protection, firepower, and mobility to their operators.

“They are the flagship tanks of their nations, the United States and Russia. They have been designed and built with the latest technologies to ensure their superiority on the battlefield.”

They added, “The M1A2 Abrams and the T-14 Armata are highly advanced and capable main battle tanks that incorporate the latest technologies and design features to provide their operators with superior firepower, mobility, and protection.

“They are among the world’s most heavily armed and armored tanks designed to operate in modern warfare scenarios.

“Comparing these tanks regarding their features, specifications, and capabilities would provide an exciting and insightful analysis for military enthusiasts and defense experts alike.”

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