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Israeli troops raid Al Shifa hospital with ‘bodies littered in the complex’

by LLB political Reporter
15th Nov 23 10:05 am

On Wednesday morning Israeli troops have raided the Al Shifa hospital in a “precise and targeted” operation on Hamas command center in the tunnels under the medical complex.

Israeli soldiers were shooting in the air with warning shots ordering the enemy to surrender, a journalist told AFP.

An official from the Hamas-run Health Ministry, Youssef Abu Rish told AFP that he could see tanks outside the hospital with “dozens of soldiers and commandos inside the emergency and reception buildings.”

Hospital director Mohammad Abu Salmiya described the horrific scenes, he said, “There are bodies littered in the hospital complex and there is no longer electricity at the morgues.”

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The Ministry said that there are thousands inside the Al Shifa hospital with “650 ailing people and thousands of injured people.”

They have called on the “international community and the United Nations to intervene immediately and urgently to stop the Israeli storming operation.”

Dr Ahmed el Mokhallalati, told Reuters that there was gunfire between the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and Hamas forcing staff to hide from the windows.

He said, “Bombardment. Shooting around the hospital and within the hospital. It’s really horrible… And then we realised that the tanks are moving around the hospital.

“They just parked in front of the hospital emergency department. All kinds of weapons were used. They targeted the hospital directly.

“We try to avoid being near the windows.”

The White House have raised their concerns of Israeli troops in their morning raid on the hospital.

“We do not support striking a hospital from the air and we don’t want to see a firefight in a hospital,” a National Security Council spokesperson said.

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