Home Business News Israeli government orders ‘all Israelis in Turkey’ to immediately leave as ‘travel warning raised to highest level’

Israeli government orders ‘all Israelis in Turkey’ to immediately leave as ‘travel warning raised to highest level’

by LLB political Reporter
18th Oct 23 1:33 pm

Israel’s National Security Council has told all citizens to leave Turkey immediately as there are strong fears of reprisal attacks.

This comes after Hamas has accused Israel of a missile strike on a hospital in southern Gaza on Tuesday night killing at least 500 people.

Hezbollah has called for a “day of rage” which has led to protests across the Arab world and Hamas called the attack a “massacre.”

Hezbollah who are a staunch ally of Hamas said, on Tuesday evening, “Let tomorrow, Wednesday, be a day of rage against the enemy,” calling on Arabs and fellow Muslims to “move immediately to streets and squares to express intense anger.”

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Israels National Security Council said, “All Israelis staying in Turkey must leave as soon as possible.”

A spokesperson told AFP, “I can confirm that the travel warning of the National Security Council to Turkey has been raised to 4, the highest level.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who supports Palestinians accused the Israeli military of “striking a hospital sheltering women, children and innocent civilians.”

Erdogan has called on the world to stop the tragedy which is unfolding in the Gaza Strip.

Protests have erupted in Istanbul and the capital, Ankara outside Israels diplomatic mission and Turksih police detained five protestors for attempting to gain entry into the Israeli consulate.

AFP correspondents said that after the call hundreds of demonstrators gather at the US Embassy in Awkar, Beirut and chanted “death to America” and “death to Israel.”

Tear gas was fired by Lebanese security forces as they also threw stones at the embassy and hundreds also gathered at the French Embassy in the capital raising Palestinian flags.

In the southern cities of Sidon and Tyre in Lebanon at Palestinian refugee camps anger flared up to condemn the hospital attack to which Hamas claims killed more than 500 people.

The leader of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh called on all Palestinian people to “get out and confront the occupation and the settlers.”

Haniyeh has directly blamed the US who hold “the responsibility of the hospital attack because of the cover it gives to Israeli aggression.”

The Hamas leader said it was a “massacre” and warned that this is a “new turning point” in the conflict in the Middle East.

Haniyeh added, “Anyone who supports Israel is responsible for the violations in Gaza.

“If the enemy thinks that these massacres will hide his great defeat or force our people to surrender, he is mistaken.”

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