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Israel warned ‘ground offensive’ in Gaza could spark ‘wider conflict with Hezbollah, even Iran’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
10th Oct 23 2:48 pm

Israels military are preparing for a “ground offensive” inside the Gaza Strip which will “not stop until Hamas no longer exists.”

There has been a build up tanks near to Gaza and around 300,000 reservists have been called up since the Palestinian’s armed group Hamas attacked Israel on Saturday morning killing hundreds of innocent civilians.

Ground offensives using tanks and armoured personnel carriers in a built-up area such as Gaza with armed militia at every turn will be exceptionally difficult for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Monday that Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will strike Hamas with a force “like never before” and reduce Gaza “into rubble.”

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An intelligence expert has warned that the war could last for some time and Iranian backed Hezbollah warned on Sunday that if Israel launches an offensive in Gaza then they will join the war on the northern borders with Lebanon.

Intelligence expert and geopolitics analyst, CEO of AuCoin Analytics warned of a wider conflict which could potentially, even bring in Iran who have called on the total destruction of Israel.

AuCoin told Express US, “Israel will also be dealing with Hezbollah to the North, coming from Lebanon.

“We are already seeing Israeli strikes on Hezbollah sites within Lebanon and any Hezbollah personnel that enter Israel through Lebanon will be dealt with but will also give Israel the green light to start a separate ground offensive to the North.

“I want to be clear, Hamas carried out this attack unprovoked, and now Israel has a right to defend itself. That is what they are doing right now, and they will not stop until Hamas is over.

“This conflict will go on for I while I feel since Hezbollah has jumped into the war. Now we wait for Iran to make their move. If they enter the war, it is going to be the biggest geopolitical conflict in a very long time.”

On Tuesday the Israeli military has said that they have found around 1,500 dead Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip area.

Speaking to Sky News a Israeli Defence Force source warned that military action “is not going to be clean” in the Gaza and that the situation on the ground could get “nasty,” which comes as the Strip has been cut off from food, water, fuel and electricity.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the top Iranian authority has said that we “kiss the hands” of those who planned the attacks.

Khamenei said that Hamas has delivered an “irreparable” military defeat, adding “We kiss the hands of those who planned the attack on the Zionist regime.”

Lebanese MP Najat Aoun Saliba has told Al Jazeera that “supporting the Palestinian cause should be a concerted effort between all Arab states.”

She said, “aim and focus” must be on the rights of Palestinians to live in peace, but with Hezbollah escalating the situation with Israel is seriously risking another war.

Saliba said Lebanon should not be the only Arab country who decides on war or peace, she added, “This is not something that Hezbollah should [shoulder] alone.

“It is a decision that has to be taken by all Arab states together.”

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