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Israeli forces ‘engaged in fierce battles’ and vow ‘to depose the Hamas regime’ from Gaza

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
31st Oct 23 2:11 pm

The Israeli army has said on Tuesday that Israeli forces are “engaged in fierce battles” with Hamas terrorists “deep inside” the Gaza Strip.

Airstrikes continued on Tuesday with intense bombing raids and the Israeli military have pushed deeper into the northern part of Gaza.

Hamas fighters ambushed Israeli troops in the al-Tawam area of northern Gaza and the Israeli army used anti-tank missiles at observation posts.

The Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades said in a statement that their fighters “opened fire in an ambush toward invading (Israeli army) vehicles in west Tawam in the northern Gaza Strip and targeted three Zionist vehicles.”

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The Israeli army said that on Tuesday dozens of Hamas fighters were killed and that they are “engaged in fierce battles with Hamas terrorists deep inside the Gaza Strip.”

The army added, that Troops struck “anti-tank missile launching cells and anti-tank missile launch and observation posts.”

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday that the war with Hamas is a “war of the free world” and have pledged to “eradicate” the terrorist network.

Al Arabiya received a statement on Tuesday from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs , they have vowed to “depose the Hamas regime, destroy its military capabilities, and remove the terrorist threat posed to Israel from the Gaza Strip.”

The army will continue with “maximum effort to resolve the hostage issue,” adding, “Israel will protect its borders and its citizens.”

The statement added, “Israel cannot continue to allow the existence of a murderous terrorist organization that surpasses ISIS in its brutality in the Gaza Strip.

“Israel’s war with Hamas is the war of the free world. The world must join Israel in its efforts to eradicate Hamas in the Gaza Strip, in the Middle East and in the entire world.”

“Achieving the goals of the war requires the entry of ground forces into areas controlled by Hamas, in order to uproot it from the tunnels, headquarters, bunkers and outposts it has spread throughout the Gaza Strip – especially in close proximity and under hospitals, mosques and schools.”

“The expansion of ground activities is being initiated under time constraints, and Israel is committed to carry out these activities in accordance with the Rules of War.”

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