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Improving your law firm with online business strategies

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30th Sep 20 10:01 am

Law firms are very busy places where lawyers can be studying their cases into the early hours. There is not always time to look at how the practice is running and whether incorporating some new business strategies could help the business run more smoothly. Allocating enough time to think about branding and your online presence or market share, however, is necessary if you want growth. Here are a few tips on how to improve you law firm using online business strategies.

Implement SEO

You need to start using the technology that is available to you, as many law firms are not using technology to its full advantage, preferring the “it has always worked this way before” route. This is no good in a modern age. Clients want to be able to pay online and read reviews about your company on your website, as they would for any other service. As with any company, clients need to be your priority, and this relates to the admin side of things as well as clearing their name!

To get more traffic, and thus business, from your website, you may want to consider law firm SEO services. For example, the 12AM Agency are a company that offers SEO for law firms. They will put your business at the top of Google and other search engine listings. If you become the first company that comes up in your area on an internet search, this will increase the number of contacts and clients that you get through your doors. This will also open your business to a new digital age clientele – a market that you may not have previously been tapping into. This could lead to substantial growth in your business.

Employing an SEO service for lawyers will allow you to utilize their previous knowledge and understanding of the internet. They will know the best words to use to reach your new clientele, and they will know how to get your page higher on the rankings of search engines. These are all things that you probably don’t really have the time or skill set to worry about, but they can deal with it all for you and you can reap the rewards. They will make you stand apart from the rest and this can only bring positive results.

Improve your online presence

Currently, websites are battling it out to show that their company is the best and why, and this is what’s called an online presence. So, you need to make a good online impression, which means you will need a modern and eye-catching website first and foremost. Your branding will need to match what you offer to your clients. Also, people love unique content and stories, so a legal blog would be a very interesting and attractive read and would increase the traffic to your website, which will then lead to more business for your company.

Your website should be fit for purpose and be user friendly for those using mobile phones. If it is outdated in this way, then you must investigate getting it updated immediately. This will not cost you the earth, and the benefits far outweigh the costs. You then need to make sure the user knows why you are the best people to come to with their problem and how they can do that, so provide email addresses, phone numbers, an inquiry form, etc.

You must not neglect your online platforms, which means they must be continually updated, new stories need to be added, as well as successful cases your company has dealt with and, so on. Once you start to reap the rewards of your online existence, you could hire someone full time or on a contractual basis to manage this for you, leaving you time to do what you do best. If you continue to ignore the online world, then your business will eventually dwindle and lose out to those who are embracing technology and marketing their companies online. The old word of mouth strategy does not work on its own.

Make sure that all the partners in the firm buy into your new digital strategy. Get them training if they need to understand what this is and how important it is. You can then detail exactly what your new strategy is – this should include the type of clients that you want to engage or even the types of crime you can handle best. You then need to establish how will you reach them and how you will develop their interest in your company. Maybe research what some of your competitors are posting and what interaction they receive.

Consider using social media

The use of social media to grow your business is a modern-day essential item. Be open and honest – as mentioned, people love real-life stories, so why not see if any of your clients would like to do a little video regarding the service they got from you? Alternatively, if you think there is someone bubbly and engaging in your office who would like to do a weekly or monthly video of what’s happened this month, confidentiality permitting, then encourage them to do so. You will find that this brings attention and traffic to your website. People will be waiting for the next installment and young people will spread the word fast about what it is interesting on the net. The traffic to your website will then increase your position on internet search engines and this is truly a win-win situation. This will get your business noticed and you will get the most from your online presence.

Don’t be afraid to bring an age-old service into the modern world; it is the only way that your business can continue its success. Try not to see it as a threat; rather it is a massive business opportunity. There are still many law firms all over the US that do not have an online presence, so don’t be one of them that gets left out in the cold.

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