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How to create a professional impression on customers that will last

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24th Apr 20 1:22 pm

You live or die by your reputation in business. If you can cultivate a good reputation and have customers speak well of you, then you will have less of an issue in making the business a success. There is a lot of hard work that goes into maintaining an excellent customer service reputation, but the rewards, in the long run, are well worth it.

Great logo design

You may not consider this critical, but you cannot overthink how important the look of your logo is as it says a lot about the professionalism of your organisation. If it is a clumsily put together piece of clipart, then it gives off a very amateurish impression. What you need to do is employ the services of a design firm that understand that logo design is a process that needs to consider several things such as what you do and how you want to be viewed. If it is a traditional or formal business such as a funeral director, then the style of logo would vary in the extreme from a children’s entertainer. These are extreme examples, of course, but it illustrates the point effectively.

Professional web presence

Just as the logo needs to represent the culture of the business, so does all your web presence. This includes the website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. they all need to be of consistent design and message. It would pay to have the same creative teamwork on the logo as well as the rest of the design, which will ensure continuity of style throughout.

Well presented staff

If you have staff who are visible to the public, then they must be well presented. Striking uniforms that display customised embroidery of the company logo are a must. For any part of the outfit that is not provided by you to the employee, then you must decide on the rules. These days many places feel an amount of personal choice, and individually is a good look; this will, of course, depend on what your industry is.

Clear customer policies

It is not only essential to have customer policies and terms and conditions. But they must be clear in their intention as well as their legality to the customer before they engage in a transaction with you. If you can prevent a fallout over terms, this is desirable to winning the arguments afterward. Transparent and honest will win the day in the customer service battle.

Excellent customer service

It’s vitally important to stay on top of customer service as when customers begin to become frustrated, the problem can snowball, and it’s much easier to keep them happy if you start on the correct footing. It’s essential to anticipate the kind of queries and issues that customers may have, and this will streamline and expedite the process. You can outsource these tasks to call centres or use customer service software to allow online help and chat functions to get answers to your customers.

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