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How to build viral content on Instagram

8th May 18 11:45 am

Create viral content on Instagram

It does not take a day for you to come up with viral content on Instagram. Sometimes, some people get lucky to go viral without putting much effort into their content.  In as much as luck is involved, you also have a role to play to increase visibility in social media. The information below will help you create viral content on Instagram. without necessarily relying on Instagram bots to boost your fame.

Understanding your audience

Knowing your audience helps you understand their expectations. This enables you to get into the mind of your audience, to reason like them so that you can build content that adds value to them. Come up with a marketing persona to understand the demographics of your audience. Basic knowledge of your audience enables you to create a marketing campaign that will engage them. Check out the accounts that your target audience follow so that you can know the type of content that your audience expects from you.

Analyze competition

Taking competition positively and analyzing different strategies helps you learn from your competitors. Get to know what strategies they are using to gain traction on Instagram. Find out if those strategies have led to their content to go viral as you gauge what approaches are better than others. Pay attention to the formats of material that have worked for your competitors and emulate them to create your content. Find out if your competitor used an agency for their content to go viral and use such agenciesto help you with your marketing campaign.


People love content that they have not seen before. Come up with unique content that is specific to your niche so that your target audience can resonate with it and keep on sharing your content to go viral. Unique content also triggers higher interaction among Instagram followers who feel the need to share it more with their friends who may not be following you. This is your chance to give your opinions regarding a matter in a particular niche and share your knowledge and ideas with others. Plan and use editing tools to create good quality content that is not a replica of another person’s work.

Invest in analytics

Analytics platform on Instagram enables your team to comprehend the taste and preferences of your target audience. They also help you know what hashtags are best to make your content go viral as well as enlighten you on the best schedules to post content to target more followers when they are online. Analytics tools also help you measure the rate of engagement for you to gauge your level of progress.

Engage your fans

For your content to go viral, what matters most is how much you engage your followers. You may have few followers who are active on your account, but this is good progress because loyal followers for Instagram show that they genuinely care about your brand. Engage such followers more as you encourage them to share your content with others and tag you. Position yourself in a way that you make people genuinely love your brand and offer you support.

Concentrate on photo content

Even if videos look promising in viral content, photo content has a way of capturing a moment and telling a story that an audience can relate to. Always use high-resolution photo content that is unique and captivating to an audience. Studies have shown that using red color in every photo puts off an audience. Blue images, on the contrary, achieve 24 per cent more than red colored photos. Always tag your photos to capture the attention of anyone scrolling at your feed.

Paid promotion

As everybody works hard to make their content go viral, using Instagram ads will increase the chances of your brand getting more engagement from global Instagram followers. Spending some charges in paid promotion gives you access to a global reach.

Work with an industry influencer

To get an effective campaign, work close to an industry influencer who has the attention of the public. In most cases, industry influencers have had their content go viral and have a large number of followers.  Such people are famous in social media platforms and collaborating with them would increase your chances of your content going viral.

Create newsworthy content

Target posting your content to coincide with current events. People would quickly identify your post with a product launch, thus, boosting chances for your content becoming famous. You can also post quotes on essential topics and engage your audience through a dialogue regarding the news stories.

Use lifestyle shots

Ensure that you don’t bore your audience with similar content that you repeat after every post. Break the monotony by incorporating exciting lifestyle shots that are relevant to your particular niche. Diversify your images by posting your audience’s interests such as what they enjoy different from their daily routine. This shows that you care about your audience and improves your relationship with them.

Insta stories

Ones you have people who care about your brand, they become curious about what lies behind your content. Use Insta stories to bring out your personality by giving them some insights regarding your lifestyle. For instance, you can always tag a famous place you are in to make your audience relate. You can also use Insta stories to motivate an audience. Giving them a little bit of your lifestyle keeps them interested in your brand, and they are likely to share your stories with others.


Use emojis regularly to express your feelings to an audience. Research shows that people process images faster than reading a text. Take advantage of emojis to engage your audience more so that they can, in turn, express their feelings by sharing your posts with others increases the likelihood of making your post viral.

Final thoughts

Those that have their content going viral may not have achieved this through luck.  The chances of getting lucky only happen once in a blue moon. You, therefore, have a lot to play to build viral content. Change your approach and start using the strategies discussed above as you exercise patience for your time is coming when your content will be the talk of town.

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