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How technology has helped shape the jewellery

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2nd Dec 19 10:50 am

Technology continues to be a vital part of modern society. There is no denying its importance in health, communication, travel as well as every other major part of human society.

Technology has also helped drive advancements in the jewellery industry with things such as 3D printing, laser technology, augmented reality and computer aided design.

There are a number of advantages that technology brings to the jewellery and diamond industry.

“There is a rise in globalisation by jewellery brands. This has helped boost the supply chain process. Customers are also able to access new concepts and designs and have it delivered to their door. There are new designs available and jewellery is being shipped across borders to customers on the other end of the globe.

“Lasers are another modern addition to the jewellery industry. It enables precise cutting and design. laser technology is helping to enhance and improve security as microscopic engravings and identification markers can be added on the diamonds. This makes theft that much harder and is one main reason according to Sharif Khan from Petra Gems in terms of why you should buy an engraved GIA graded loose diamond.

Experts and analysts predict the jewellery industry to grow by up to 10 per cent by the end of the year. This is the especially the case with the online jewellery market. This growth will likely spur new developments and designs.

3D printing, also known as computer aided design allows faster production of jewellery. The designs are also stunning to look at thanks to the high level of detailing involved in the process. Customers and jewellery shoppers can take part in the design process thanks to 3D printing. This enhances the entire shopping experience and allows customers to get exactly what their looking for in form of some unique designs.

Diamond shoppers are also more satisfied with their final jewellery having designed it themselves. They can add history and more meaning to their jewellery giving it more value.

“Online tools allow customers to design their own jewelry and have it custom made to their specs which boosts new concepts and ideas. Not only do such tools help drive sales, but they also improve the customer experience”.

No longer do customers have to wait in line to buy jewellery or to travel to a physical store to get their prefect diamond. With advancements in internet technology, customers are getting more and more comfortable buying high price tag items online.

Initially customers may have bought stuff online with doubt and anxiety, now buyers welcome the convenience that comes with online purchases.

This is great news for someone with a busy schedule. They can have a unique piece of jewellery delivered to them with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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