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How Brexit is stunting the UK’s competitive advantage

by Sarah Dunsby
18th Sep 23 5:20 pm

The United Kingdom has, for many years, taken pride in its formidable export prowess. These exports have not just contributed substantially to the country’s economy but have also positioned the UK as a key player in the global market. However, the ripples of Brexit have presented both challenges and uncertainties, casting a shadow over the UK’s previously unassailable reputation and cutting short its competitive advantage.

The effect of Brexit on UK exports – impact and recovery

Ignoring the politics and the emotional scars still left by the ordeal, even the most enthusiastic Brexit supporter would struggle to find many positives the move brought about. Brexit’s aftermath brought about major disruptions in trade patterns and clear evidence indicates that the UK’s exports have experienced a sharp dip, particularly in sectors deeply integrated with EU markets.

The auto market, for instance, has grappled with supply chain disruptions, pushing businesses to explore global shipping solutions. For example, the heightened dependency on automotive air charters reflects the extent to which businesses are now having to recalibrate their strategies. These alternative methods, though resourceful, have added layers of complexity and cost to operations that were once seamless and relatively uncomplicated.

The UK’s competitive advantage – present and future

Brexit’s weeds have reached deep into the roots of Britain’s economy. Detailed analyses show that one of the most tangible repercussions has been on import costs. As the costs rise, the UK’s appeal as an attractive market diminishes, subsequently making it harder for the nation to strike lucrative trade deals. There are whispers of trade deals with the US and other countries, but they have so far come to very little.

A projection into the future paints an even more worrisome picture. With the potential deceleration in economic growth, there are concerns about decreased investments, lowered productivity, and an inevitable downward spiral when it comes to average incomes. It’s a rather bleak outlook that’s certainly not been helped by the war in Ukraine and the cost-of-living crisis. But for businesses navigating these waters, there is hope as long as they’re willing to put the work in.

Working for a bright future

For businesses navigating these waters, the onus is on innovation, adaptability, and, more importantly, efficient logistics. In an increasingly global market, services such as those provided by air cargo providers become indispensable. Whether transporting component shipments or fully-assembled vehicles, having a reliable partner like the mentioned B2B air cargo provider ensures you remain connected to key suppliers and customers. Their expertise brings businesses closer to pivotal markets, expanding reach and providing a much-needed edge in challenging times.

Brexit has undeniably shaken the UK’s economic and competitive foundations. While the future holds uncertainties, it’s evident that businesses must bolster their strategies with innovative logistics solutions and forward-thinking partnerships. As the UK charts its course in the post-Brexit world, resilience, adaptability, and strategic collaborations will define the nation’s success.

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