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How a kitchen can be a deciding factor in real estate

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13th May 19 10:43 am

A lot of things are taken into consideration when it comes to the resale value of a house. Of these factors could include the comparative price of other homes near you recently sold, the location, and the size and condition of the house, to mention a few.

Lots of buyers will pay top dollars to move into a house that is immediately ready to live in, which is one of the reasons upgraded bathrooms and kitchens are cited to be the most important home improvements you can do to bump up the price. According to The National Association of Realtors, kitchen upgrades are one of the most asked about features of a house because they can be costly, and also because they’re often a hectic job that new home owners don’t want to go through from the get-go.

Knowing this, here are some ways to prep your kitchen that can seal the deal.

Flooring: Hardwood is the way to go if replacing your flooring. It’s always sure to make the best impression, and the first thing home buyers will see in your kitchen. But it’s also sure to be costly. However, there are other options that give the look of wood, less costly and durable, such as porcelain tiles.

Counters: Buyers expect a solid, durable and attractive countertop. When considering what to choose, counters made of quartz are right on top alongside of granite. They’re both beautiful and durable, so a decision will be based on other factors. Being man-made, quartz has more color options, but granite has the natural beauty of it being a natural stone. As for cost, granite will be a bit less pricey than quartz. To get a good sale price on a house, the choice for the kitchen counter will usually boil down to these two picks.

Paint cabinets: The easiest and least expensive way to upgrade cabinets is with a paint job. For all types of cabinets, you might first need to make some hardware changes in broken hinges, for instance. Choosing colors is a very personal choice, so it’s best to stay away from extremes, such as too dark or too loud and bright. Stick to a neutral palette.

Replace hardware: These might seem like minor changes, and they are, actually, but also have a strong impact on the kitchen. Cabinet and drawer knobs or handles give an instant facelift, and no matter how much you might need, they’re not going to cost you more than new cabinets. Also go for newer looks in your water taps. Taps can just get too old and worn for any improvement, especially if you’ve never upgraded your kitchen before.

Kitchens sell houses

Ideally, a kitchen renovation can give you a 70% return on investment when you sell, of course, depending on the amount you spend and the type of materials that will be used. You can make your kitchen a very irresistible attraction to potential buyers of a home with a few upgrades and touches here and there. Keep it simple, and stage it nicely with some natural items like fruits or plants, and your home will attract the highest prices.

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