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Homework overload harms your mental and physical health, experts say

4th Apr 18 9:47 am

Is your child overloaded?

School, homework, sports practice, family time, extra lessons and much more. These all things can make your kids busy. Parents want to raise well-versed children who can become successful grown-ups. To achieve their goals, the parents often keep their children busy in sports, clubs, schools, coaching classes and more. Parents think that they are doing this for the betterment of their children. Keep it in mind that high school pupils often get three hours of daily homework. They experience lack of balance, health issues and stress in their life, as per the research of California Stanford University. This situation can be dangerous for students, and you can save your children from the stress of homework overload via Assignment help.

Research of Stanford University California

The researcher of Stanford University California found that homework overload may negatively affect children and their lives after school. The researchers utilized survey data to evaluate perceptions about homework, behavioral engagement and well-being of the student. They collect the sample of high-performing students and take the views of their colleagues and students via open-ended questions. Their study revealed that homework overload is linked with:

Excessive stress

Almost 56 per cent of students considered their homework the main source of anxiety and stress. For 43 per cent students, the tests were primary stressors, and good grades were the matter of stress for 33 per cent students.

Affect their health

The open-ended answers of numerous students revealed that the homework load often led to health problems and sleep deprivation. The researchers asked about health issues of students, such as stomach problems, weight loss, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and headaches.

Students make complaints that they got less time for extracurricular pursuits, family, and friends. They have to drop their activities, such as not pursue hobbies, and not see their family or friends.

Balancing act

Homework is not only stressful to students but on parents. They have to balance their family time and career while making dinner and clean their houses. Parents are responsible for helping their children in the homework. It impacts the quantity and quality of family time. Your child can miss the birthday of his/her granny because he/she is busy with school activities. It doesn’t mean to stop homework of students because it is also necessary for the mental development and growth of children. Parents can help their children by making a schedule and include some fun activities for your children.

If your child is struggling with homework overload, you can talk to his/her teacher to manage this situation. Motivate your child to do their homework at the right time instead of shifting it to a future date. You can relax your children with the help of an assignment help. Your love and attention can be helpful for your child. The teachers should keep the homework in a limit and make an appropriate schedule for the whole study session. Instead of overloading children with homework, try to finish maximum work in class to let children have some time for their favorite hobbies.

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