Historic Brexit negotiations start in Brussels London wants a ‘new, deep and special partnership’


Brexit negotiations have started

Brexit minister, David Davis is in Brussels, Monday as the UK and the EU start the historic negotiations for the UK to leave the EU.

Davis said speaking from Brussels that London wants a “new, deep and special partnership.”

He said: There is more that unites us than divides us,” and the UK is wants a “positive and constructive tone” during the talks.

“So while there will undoubtedly be challenging times ahead of us in the negotiations we will do all that we can to ensure we deliver a deal that works in the best interests of all of our citizens.”

The EU’s chief negotiator, Michael Barnier said, that he is hoping that there can be an agreed timetable set by Monday.

Barnier said: “Today, we are launching the negotiations and orderly withdrawal of the UK from the EU.

“Our objective is clear; we must first tackle the uncertainties caused by Brexit, first for citizens but also for the beneficiaries of EU policies, and for the impact on borders, in particular Ireland.” 

The foreign secretary, Boris Johnson said: “The most important thing now is for us to look to the horizon, think about the future, and think about the new partnership, the deep and special partnership that we want to build with our friends.” Johnson was in a separate meeting with EU foreign ministers.