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Hezbollah warns Israel ‘all options are open’ and an attack on’ Lebanon will be their ‘stupidest mistake’

by LLB political Reporter
3rd Nov 23 2:56 pm

The leader of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has given a speech in Beirut on Friday afternoon and said that Hamas operation on 7 October in southern Israel was “great” and “sacred.”

Hassan Nasrallah said the operation was carried out “100% by Palestinians” and he thanked groups in Yemen and Iraq for taking part in the war against Israel.

Nasrallah told thousands in a televised speech that “This operation is great, this sacred operation was 100% Palestinian and was implemented by Palestinians.

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“The great secrecy made this operation greatly successful.

“There was no negative side of this operation, and they couldn’t do it any other way.”

Making reference to the Gaza Strip he said that more than two million people live in a “small area” and they have a “very hard life.”

“They are killing our people on a daily basis,” he added.

Nasrallah said the situation in Gaza demonstrates the “stupidity” of Israel and said that the Israelis are “killing” women and children in the territory.

The Hezbollah chief said, “They are committing massacres after massacres… they want the leadership of the resistance to show their white flags,” he says.

“The result of this war will be Palestinian.”

Nasrallah added, that this also shows the “evilness of this entity” referring to Israel.

He said that an attack on Lebanon would be the “stupidest mistake” Israel could make in a warning.

“If the enemy starts to attack any Lebanon area they would make the hugest, the stupidest mistake,” he said.

Depending on “what is happening in Gaza” and the “morality of our enemy towards Lebanon.

“I’ll say it with all the transparency, on our front, all options are open.

“We must be ready for all options.”

The Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu warned Hezbollah “don’t test us, you pay dearly.”

The Israeli prime minister said, “I tell our enemies to the north don’t test us, you will pay dearly.”

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