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Hamas must ‘die or surrender unconditionally’ as Israel drops flyers over Gaza warning an invasion is ‘imminent’

by LLB political Reporter
2nd Nov 23 9:31 am

On Wednesday the Israeli military dropped flyers from the sky warning Palestinians inside Gaza that an invasion is now “imminent,” mal-Arabiya reported.

The Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said in a stern warning to Hamas they must either “die or to surrender unconditionally.”

In a televised speech Gallant said “There is no third option,” addressing the militant group directly.

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The leader of Palestinian militant group Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh has accused Israel of committing “massacres” in the Gaza Strip which has seen more than 8,700 Gazans killed in just over three weeks including over 3,400 children.

Haniyeh accused Israel of “committing barbaric massacres against unarmed civilians,” adding, “Its villainy will not save them from resounding defeat,” he vowed in a speech broadcast by Al Jazeera.

He then warned that there cannot be any regional stability unless the Palestinians have “legitimate rights to freedom, independence and return.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday evening that it is crucial Israel protects civilians who are caught up in the war in Gaza and they must ensure humanitarian aid gets through.

Scholz “renewed Germany’s unwavering solidarity with Israel,” his office said in a statement and that “he underlined the importance of protecting civilians and humanitarian supplies for the people of the Gaza Strip.”

On Wednesday Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei urged all Muslim countries to stop all trade with Israel and oil exports as Israel’s military is bombarding the Gaza Strip relentlessly.

Khamenei said in Tehran, “Islamic governments must insist on quickly ending the crimes,”

“Muslim countries should not cooperate economically with the Zionist regime (Israel),” adding, for a total “block on oil and food exports.”

Khamenei hit out at the US, the UK and France for standing “against Palestine,” adding, “the Muslim world must not forget who is putting pressure on the population of Gaza. It’s not just about the Zionist regime.”

In a direct warning to the US, the UK and France, the Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani warned “certain European countries which help” Israel should “be careful not to anger Muslims.”

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