Home Business News ‘International law is not being abided by’ as Israeli army accused of using lethal white phosphorous

‘International law is not being abided by’ as Israeli army accused of using lethal white phosphorous

by LLB political Reporter
2nd Nov 23 1:03 pm

Amnesty International has said they have verified that the Israeli army are using lethal white phosphorous and claim that they have video footage as evidence.

Senior crisis advisor Donatella Rovera told Sky News on Thursday that “international law is most definitely not being abided by” Hamas or Israel.

She slammed the “inaction of the international community in the face of a catastrophe, of a humanitarian crisis, of these dimensions,” saying it is “scandalous.”

Rovera said, “International law is most definitely not being abided by any of the parties in this conflict.”

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On Tuesday Lebanon accused the Israeli military of using white phosphorus in attacks and that a complaint is to be made to the United Nations.

Lebanese officials has claimed the incendiary weapon has burned more than 40,000 olive trees and rights groups have constantly accused Israel of using the deadly weapon.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib said, “I instructed the Lebanese mission to the UN to submit a new complaint to the Security Council to condemn Israel’s use of white phosphorus in repeated attacks on Lebanon.”

Bou Habib has also accused the Israeli military of “deliberately burning Lebanese groves and forests.”

The Lebanese Agriculture Minister Abbas Al Hajj Hassan told AFP,  that so far “128 fires resulted from the Israeli enemy’s phosphorus bombing of our regions.”

Under the 1983 Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, it restricts the use of incendiary weapons outlawing white phosphorus being used on civilians and non-military targets, such as homes.

Amnesty International released their investigation saying they have “evidence of Israel’s unlawful use of white phosphorus” in south Lebanon between 10 and 16 October.

They added, “One attack on the town of Dhayra on 16 October must be investigated as a war crime because it was an indiscriminate attack that injured at least nine civilians… and was therefore unlawful.”

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