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Health secretary ‘expects more cases’ of coronavirus in the UK

by LLB Politics Reporter
5th Feb 20 12:10 pm

Matt Hancock the health secretary he “expects more cases” of coronavirus in the UK and also expects more “very serious” cases.

On Wednesday Hancock confirmed there are only two cases of coronavirus in the UK.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast of those who are infected, he said, “They remain in quarantine and are being treated.

“But the process around that has gone well. They’ve been in isolation and when they are being treated they are being treated by people who are themselves protected from catching the virus from them so that process has worked well.”

When asked how Britons can escape mainland China Hancock said, “There are still commercial flights available. The principal that we are taking is that we want to take no chances with this virus. We want to take a science-led approach.

“The approach we have been taking is very much driven by the advice of the chief medical officer. This is a very serious virus and having a very serious impact in china.

“There are two cases only here in the UK, but we do expect more, so we are taking no chances.”

The British Foearign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) confirmed on Tuesday evening they are chartering another flight to bring Britons back to the UK from Wuhan in China.

Hancock advises all those returning from China to “self isolate” at home.

He told BBC Breakfast, “The advice is that if they have symptoms then they should stay at home, self isolate as it’s called, and call 111, not go to the GP or to the A&E because there’s a risk of spreading the virus.”

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