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Having troubles with deploying a CRM system? Here is how managed service can help

by John Saunders
5th Mar 19 4:57 pm

“You are never done with CRM. Things are constantly evolving.” Gartner Research

Deploying a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can be a challenging process. It requires time to find the right CRM partner, define clear objectives of what needs to be achieved through customer relationship management implementation, and train your staff to make sure that they fully reap the benefits from the new system.

And while the process can be quite lengthy (and often confusing), putting a solid CRM system in place is critical for any growing business. It plays a huge part in managing customer interactions, enabling  you to respond to customer needs more efficiently. Additionally, it helps build stronger relationships with your audience and create more optimised marketing strategies to deliver higher quality leads.

If you are about to deploy your next CRM system but you fear the challenges you may face while deploying it, we have a piece of news for you – the managed system from Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you along your way. Here’s how!

Professional help with all CRM requirements

If you need expert support with setting up and embedding your CRM system, you will find yourself in good hands.

In addition to regular break/fix support (phone and remote dial-in help with CRM), the managed service from Microsoft offers in-depth assistance and consultancy across all CRM related requirements, including free training hours to onboard new users. This is especially important if you happen to have several members of staff who need to be trained on how to use the system, and you also need an expert hand to do that training.

Additionally, the package comes with handy technical support, which will save you a great deal of time and money, especially if you are new to the CRM systems.

Financial flexibility

To help you keep an eye on your finances, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system is loaded with completely manageable hours, which you can scale up and down according to your needs and the budget you have available.

For example, if you would like to learn more about your CRM software but you’re limited by budget and time, you can start with as little as one hour of a month to fulfil your basic user needs. This is a great solution for companies that have some experience with a CRM already; however, if you’re new to the subject, we’d encourage you to expand your plan by adding a few additional hours.

You can also opt for up to 25+ hours a month in order to benefit from plenty of Microsoft Dynamics consultancy, personal user training and development resources.

Keeping pace with change

As the saying goes – nothing in this world is certain, except death and taxes! When it comes to business, we can also safely state that keeping your CRM system in one place is not also impossible, especially if your organisation is rapidly growing.

Your CRM system should be in a continuous state of change and development. If not, it will be at risk of stagnating and failing to deliver the best value for your organisation.

To ensure that your system meets all the latest advancements and developments including user change requests and technology updates, the Managed Service from Microsoft comes with a team of qualified specialists to help you bridge the gaps.  Additionally, the managed agreement hours can be assigned to carry out further project work to extend the scope of Microsoft Dynamics, for example by adding extras with the likes of email marketing, field service automation or case management.

1:1 Support

Successful organisations don’t stop investing in CRM once a system is rolled out to users. By partnering with a Microsoft 365 specialist and utilising their consultancy services, you’ll be able to bridge any gaps between your technology, your people and your business processes.

With the deployment of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Managed Service, you will get an exclusive opportunity to resolve any ongoing issues, and get answers to any Dynamics 365 questions as they arise – at no added cost!

Additionally, you will be assigned to a Technical Account Manager who will be responsible for the delivery of all work connected with your account, and help you to make the best use of your managed service hours.

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