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Farage slams leaked Brexit document as ‘Olly Robbins special’

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
19th Aug 19 6:21 am

Nigel Farage the Brexit Party leader slammed the leaked Cabinet Office document, that warns of catastrophic impacts if the UK does not secure a deal with the EU.

Speaking on LBC Radio on Sunday Farage said the threats are “not believable at all” and the leaked documents are “Operation chaos, Whitehall’s secret no deal plan is leaked.

“It is all going to be a disaster. We are doomed, if we leave without a deal.”

He said, “We are going to struggle to get enough fresh food. Struggle to get medicines, it is going to be a disaster.

“A hard border is going to be put back in Northern Ireland, and it’s marked, ‘Operation Yellowhammer,’ which is the government’s no-deal planning official and sensitive.”

Adding, “Now, what do I make of all this? I don’t think this is really a government document at all, I think it’s a civil service document, I call it an Olly Robbins special.

“There is no way the civil service have been neutral through this whole process, they are doing their utmost to stop Brexit.

“Of course, the classic way these things are done, is through fear-mongering.

“The clue as to why it is so completely ridiculous is to suggest that a few months after Brexit the amount of goods entering and leaving this country could be down by 50%.

“What are they suggesting? Is Mr Juncker, once he gets better, going to have U-boats in the Channel sinking our ships? What are they talking about, we are not at war.

“Even if we have fundamental disagreements…do you know what those German companies are going to want to sell us their goods.

“Why don’t we take the word of the President of the Port of Calais when he told us there would be no disruption at all. We do get disruption when there are severe gales.

“We do get disruption when the French fishermen, as they regularly do, strike. We do get disruption when a train breaks down in the Channel.

“To suggest that the flow of goods would fall by 50% is so extreme in terms of its scaremongering, that it is not believable at all.”

Olly Robinson was the prime ministers European advisor and chief negotiator for leaving the EU from 2017 until July 2019, and was heavily criticised during his role.

A senior Whitehall source told The Sunday Times, “This is not Project Fear — this is the most realistic assessment of what the public face with no deal.

“These are likely, basic, reasonable scenarios — not the worst case.”

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