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Ex-Deputy Secretary General of NATO warns Putin has is ‘going for broke’ to secure victory in Ukraine

8th Apr 22 2:42 pm

The former Deputy Secretary General of NATO has warned that Vladimir Putin is “going for broke” and has “lost touch with reality.”

Rose Gottemoeller said that Putin was once a “very good tactician” and she agrees with the US President Joe Biden that the Russian President is a “war criminal.”

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Speaking to LBC News, Gottemoeller said, “My personal view is that [Putin] has lost touch with reality.

“In the past, he has been a very good tactician.”

She added that Putin “always got what he wanted right to the edge, but in this case he’s been going for broke in a way that is destructive to Ukraine and Russia.

“The Russian economy has been destroyed, and rightly so as in my view we have to shut down the Russian war machine.”

The Former Deputy Secretary-General of NATO also stated, “I have to agree with my President Joe Biden, [Putin] is a war criminal.

“Evidence is mounting and more atrocities have been uncovered in Borodianka and according to President Zelensky this is even worse than what was seen in Bucha.”

Referring to NATO’s position over there non-engagement in the current Russia-Ukraine conflict, she claimed, “I have been concerned when people kept insisting that NATO need to engage with the Russians directly.”

Gottemoeller added, “This could lead to WW3 and I do not think that’s not in anyone’s interest.

“NATO’s objective is to prevent a general war from happening in Europe’’, reiterated the former Deputy Security General in light of NATO’s much-discussed decision to not actively engage in the war.

“NATO has been very clear and firm and disciplined about the way they are responding, helping with humanitarian assistance and aids but very careful with not directly engage with Russia.”

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