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Employment levels rise, but there are still fewer workers on the payrolls

by LLB Reporter
15th Jul 21 11:12 am

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) employment levels rose by 356,000 between May and June.

However, despite the largest increase in jobs since the start of the pandemic, the ONS said that there are still 206,000 fewer workers on the payroll since Covid.

In the accomodation and food sector around 94,000 jobs were filled after taking heavy hits as a result of the lockdowns, whilst 72,000 positions were filled in administration and support services.

Rob Walker, UK&I MD at Cognizant warned that there is still cause for concern with demand for skilled workers.

Walker said, “While there are clear signs that confidence has returned to the UK’s economy and labour market, the fact that 1.64 million people remain unemployed is a cause for concern – especially with demand for skilled workers very high among employers, especially in digital technology areas such as data analysis and artificial intelligence.

“Our collective focus must now be on ensuring people have the skills they need to remain competitive and attractive to employers, which increasingly means tech and STEM abilities. That these figures were published on Youth Skills Day highlights this need even more, with young people in particular entering a crowded labour market and a technological world where these skills are more important than ever.

“Improving access to STEM resources and training needs to be a priority for the UK’s economy as we look to plug any existing tech skills gap and ensure our workforce is well-equipped for the future. The battle for each available vacancy is already fierce but tech skills should no longer be a differentiating factor between candidates, but rather a shared baseline across the entire workforce regardless of age or background.”

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