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Eight great ways to make extra income in London

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8th Dec 21 5:14 pm

The capital of the UK, standing on the River Thames, is known to the world for many things. London is a beloved tourist destination booming with overpours of history, featuring a vibrant local culture. It is home to renowned sights that people from all corners of the globe can name via a millisecond glimpse, such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Tower of London, and Westminster Abbey.

However, many foreigners and Brits do not know how costly London can be. It often ranks as one of the most expensive cities on Earth, trailing only behind Zurich and Geneva. On average, a stay in England’s capital can cost £47 to £112 per day, depending on where visitors want to sleep. Living-wise, a family of four needs more than £3,000 (without rent) to make it through the month. Thus, having side hustles in London is essential for those who do not come from privileged backgrounds and want to survive here. Below, we will rattle off eight simple ways how you can earn quick money in London, starting today. Read on to find out – what is the quickest way to make money in the UK and if any of our listed options are a good fit for you.

Eight ways to make extra money in London

Close to nine million people live in the Smoke. It is a vast metropolitan area that stretches 1,572 square kilometers, housing diverse industries and hundreds of job opportunities. Hence, in such a busy/populated piece of land, it should not be too hard for enthusiastic young individuals to find how to make extra money fast in the UK. Below, we list what we believe are eight such apt avenues.

Be a mystery shopper

A mystery shopper is often a freelancer employed by a company to go undercover and act as a regular customer. His job entails assessing the quality of goods and services offered by hospitality venues, retailers, or other businesses. In London, the average pay for those dabbling in this part-time gig ranges between £11and £25. Retail juggernauts have enormous budgets set aside for mystery shoppers as their models heavily rely on the data these individuals supply. It is noteworthy that businesses that ask that you pay them to go mystery shopping are likely to be scams.

Gamble online

London has twenty-seven premium gambling establishments, not including ones that offer VLT machines. That said, if you are thinking about testing your luck en route to some extra cash, a better option than going to brick-and-mortar venues is browsing the internet’s selection of real money online casinos. These platforms feature games that offer better odds than their land-based counterparts because they have dramatically lower operating costs. The best choice for newbies is to play low variance slots, titles that frequently pay out small wins.

Walk dogs

While most people likely think that walking dogs is easy, there is an awful lot to learn for both dogs and walking them to remain safe when out and about with canines. Professional dog walking requires physical stamina, technical skill, and knowledge regarding common dog behaviors. With that in mind, it is a profession most able-body people can pick up relatively quickly if they show some dedication towards this craft. Walkers get paid decent hourly wages from £10 to £20 per dog. That is why Google responds with – walk dogs when people ask it – how can I make extra money in the UK? However, some owners prefer that their canine friend gets walked alone and not in a pack with others, limiting walkers from maximizing their profit potential.

Become an assistant

You can go the real-world route with this one or choose the virtual one, working from home. Nowadays, there isn’t that much need to be out on the streets hustling and bustling or sit in an office to help someone run their company or career. Remote assistants are now all the rage, and they can earn £10 to £20 an hour. Those that have to go to work, on average, pull in £34,000 per year, but they lack flexibility and have extra expenses.

Drive for rideshare apps

In the past, not just anyone could have driven people around the streets of London, as all licensed taxi drivers had to pass the legendary Knowledge test. Well, that is no more, as UK courts ruled that Uber is fit and proper to operate in UK’s capital. Per estimates from car company Splend, London’s Uber drivers can expect to get weekly earnings of £250 on the low end and £800 on the high one. Those numbers are lower than projections for Manchester ride-share drivers, but this profession remains a decent way to turn a buck for those with a car and some free time.

House sit

What could be better than sitting on your ass all day and earning money? We cannot think of anything equally lucrative that requires so little effort. You can find house-sitting ads on platforms like TrustedHousesitters, or Housesitters UK. Bark.com claims that sitters can expect to earn from £50 to £200 a day. The problem with these gigs is that the market is narrow, as most people prefer that relatives or friends watch their houses instead of total strangers.


Everyone has a level of expertise in some field. If they don’t, they can try their hand at teaching foreigners English. Yet, the big bucks lie in supplying A-level assistance to students regarding subjects like coding, algebra, physics, etc. That can earn you an hourly fee of up to £30. Best of all, private tuition these days incurs no expenses as it can get done through software like Zoom and Skype. Those looking to get into the tutoring can look for opportunities on sites like Indeed and Jora but can also branch off looking for work on Upwork and Fiverr.

Become a server

There are thousands of restaurants in the Great Wen, with spots continuously closing and new ones opening. London has a boastful reputation regarding its dining culture, and server work is always on hand for those willing to be on their feet carrying plates and trays for eight hours a day, for a salary of £6.80 net per hour plus tips.

To wrap up

If you are wondering – how to earn more money in London? The jobs described above are what we think are your most solid choices. They are readily available part-time money-making opportunities, ones that can help anyone add more than some spare change to their pocket. Other decent options we left out, but are worth considering, are selling items online, making deliveries for companies, registering for clinical trials, and taking surveys online.

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