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Dozens of Putin’s most experienced soldiers ‘die at the front’ along the 600 mile frontline

by LLB staff reporter
6th Sep 23 3:41 pm

Ukrainian forces are conducting multiple attacks along the 600 mile frontline and they are pushing back Russian soldiers.

In just one day a Russian soldier has said that 49 of his unit were killed in an attack in the small village of Staromayorske as they push into Berdyansk.

Units of the 35th and 38th Marine brigades of Ukraine have quickened their spearhead along the attack line after liberating Urozhaine on 16 August.

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On Telegram an audio message was published by a Russian soldier in an angry voice about being “busy trying to return the bodies of my friends,” the soldier believed to be from the 27th VDV of the Guards Mountain Airborne Division added, “Everyday a lot of guys die at the front.”

According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the message also suggested that Ukrainian forces had “pinned” some of the Russian division which “prevented them from laterally redeploying to [other] critical areas of the front.

“Here is the anthem my friends. For me, this is a personal loss and every situation. I’m worried personally, damn it.”

The message also said that Russian commanders are refusing to bring the dead bodies of their comrades home.

He added that the command had interfered and “set up operatives from the military FSB (Russia’s security service)” to oversee the mission.

The Russian soldier then reportedly stated, “I can’t even explain to you in words what is happening to me today. Just know that’s all. I convey my warm regards to the command of the current 247th Regiment.

“I ask you not to interfere with me, because I’m busy f***ing business, I’m trying to get the guys back.

“If they interfere with me, then the names of these people will end up here.”

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