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Czech President discusses the possibility of a ‘presence in Ukraine in various forms’

6th Mar 24 9:22 am

The Czech President Petr Pavel has said that Europe must play a key role to help Ukraine and must threaten Moscow.

Pavel said Europe must discuss the “possible presence in Ukraine in various forms” which comes after Emmanuell Macron said that Western allies must “not be cowards.”

President Pavel said, “And if we behave within the framework of international law, we should not close ourselves off from the possibilities of support provided to Ukraine.

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“We need to look for new opportunities, including discussing the possible presence in Ukraine in various forms.

“There are a number of possibilities. The discussion has started. The last time it was NATO defense ministers. There was also a consultative meeting of the leaders in Paris. We must continue.”

He said that “if we want Russia not to succeed in Ukraine, we cannot be satisfied with the support that is being provided today.”

“We have to look for new forms, new solutions. We should not limit ourselves where we are not obliged to limit ourselves,” the Czech head of state added,

Pavel then insisted that he was not talking “about specific forms of presence and support.”

The Czech President said, “There are a number of possibilities. And the time has come … to discuss them, and indeed, there is a certain fear of causing the presence of combat armies in Ukraine, but here we are talking about different forms of assistance … Ukraine is a country that is under threat, and if we had an exercise mission in Ukraine, it would not be a violation of international law.

“The choice of the form of assistance that will be provided to Ukraine depends on us.”

Pavel said that both he and Macron have “the same views on the development of the situation in Ukraine, what decisions should be made, on what horizon, by what means.”

“We agree that the only way is to continue to support Ukraine, because this is what is true in principle.

“But we also don’t want Russia to win with its worldview. We want to live in a world where the rules are followed by small and large countries, and we want to rely on these rules.

“If Russia had won in Ukraine, we would have been defeated, and this is not the world we want. That’s why we must continue to support Ukraine.”

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