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Cummings claims Hancock came close to being sacked and should have been fired ’20 times’

26th May 21 2:58 pm

Boris Johnson’s former chief advisor Dominic Cummings told MPs today that the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock “came close” to being sacked.

Cummings said that there is “no good reason” as to why Hancock is still the Health Secretary and he sould have been sacked at least “20 times.”

It was claimed that Johnson “came close to removing him in April, but jest fundamentally wouldn’t do it.”

Cummings was asked why, he said,, “there was certainly no good reason for keeping him.”

Cummings claimed that the Health Secretary “criminally” promised to deliver 100,000 tests a day when Johnson had caught Covid and was “nealry on his deathbed.”

MPs asked Cummings why the Test and Trace stopped in March and resumed back in May.

He said, “Everything collapsed when the PM got ill himself. You’ve got people quite literally thinking he might die.

“And meanwhile, all the supply chains were collapsing, so we had to do this domestically.”

Cummings further claimed that Hancock “interfered” with official plans to ramp up the Test and Trace programme as he promised 100,000 tests a day by mid-April.

He added, “When the PM was on his near-death bed, the Secretary of State had made this pledge to do 100,000 tests a day by mid-April.

“That was an incredibly stupid thing to do.

“We already had that goal internally.

“So, I started to get calls saying that Matt Hancock is interfering with Test and Trace, ‘do not do what Hancock says’.

“He should have been fired for that thing alone.

“Hancock wanted to go on TV and say I’ve hit my 100k target.

“It was criminal, disgraceful behaviour that caused serious harm.

“That was why we had to take testing away from Hancock.”

Dominic Cummings has made a number of very serious and explosive allegations about Hancock today.

Jeremy Hunt who was sitting on the Committee said that Hancock will appear before the Committee in two week’s time to respond to them.

He added that such allegations are “very serious” and need to be backed up with evidence where possible before the Committee.

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