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Check out these videos of American shoppers going crazy on Black Friday 2013

29th Nov 13 11:25 am

This is combat – consumer style

Black Friday is getting kind of big in the UK – some retailers are offering up to 70% off this Black Friday, and today it’s trending on Twitter and all.

But you can’t help but feel it’s just a tad less dramatic in this country than over the pond. I mean, our stateside cousins go for it – really, really, really go for it.

Check out these videos to see what we mean. Warning: unless you suffer from a clinical obsession with shopping and/or deal-hunting, you may find some footage disturbing – or hilarious, depending on your mood.

Shoppers in Walmart get militant over a discounted TV, culminating in one terribly well-mannered lady being restrained by security guards and physically pinned to the floor. Taking one for the team, sister, taking one for the team:

“Everybody’s going to go to jail, let’s just calm down,” begs one beleaguered voice-of-reason deal-hunter, over screams of “b*tch, b*tch” from his comrades in consumerism:

Those Walmart shoppers, eh – here they are again flocking in frantically, as if the deals were Tippi Hedren and the shoppers were but angry birds (kind of):

And if you want to remix the mayhem, here’s a jazzy compilation of the craziness:


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