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Buying a used car? Check out this critical checklist

by Sarah Dunsby
7th Nov 22 5:24 pm

If you’re looking at buying a used car there are certain checks that you can’t afford not to make! In this shirt guide, we’ll be running you through 7 of the checks that should be an essential part of your buying journey.

1. The stolen check

The last thing you want to be doing is to be buying a stolen car, and this happens more than you might think in the UK. You’ll not only end up having to return the car to the rightful owner, but you’ll be left out of pocket and could even have issues with the police!

2. The finance check

Similar to buying a stolen car, buying a car with outstanding finance can also leave you significantly out of pocket. Here you will either have to pay the remaining balance or risk the car being taken away in order to foot the bill. Another costly scenario, and one that is easily avoided by running a simple check!

3. The MOT history check

Checking the MOT history is almost like quality control… You’ll find out if the car has been properly looked after and see a detailed breakdown of all work completed. If there is no MOT history, you could be about to buy a dud!

4. The import/export check

Would you even think to check whether a car has the correct documentation? Didn’t think so. Should you be unlucky enough to purchase a used (or new) car with forged papers or dodgy documents, what do you think will happen? Yep, it’ll be taken away!

5. The ownership check

Many dealers, and private sellers, will understate how many owners a car has had. If the advert says one owner, it should mean that! But you will find that many adverts listing a car as having had one previous owner, will not include the current owner, which makes a total of two previous owners, and you’d be the third!

6. The write off check

Not only is an insurance write off devaluing, but it can also be a major safety concern if it is not disclosed to you. A quick and simple check means you are afforded complete peace of mind in your purchase!

7. The valuation check

Do you know how much the car is really worth? We mean the actual, real-world value, not just what the seller says… Probably not, you might have a good idea, but a comprehensive background check will tell you the true worth, so you don’t pay over the odds.

For just a small price, you can run a extensive car background check here from Reg Car Check! This will allow you to run an essential check for everything on this list, and much more!

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