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Boris led a ‘massive p**s up’ and ‘was a ringleader of at least one’ party at Downing Street and ‘poured drinks’ during lockdown

by LLB political Reporter
18th Apr 22 1:24 pm

Fresh revelations have emerged with the worst pictures of partygate are soon to “surface” as Boris Johnson “poured drinks and led” a “party,” it has been alleged.

The Prime Minister is under pressure defend his position as MPs are to return to Westminster on Tuesday following the Easter recess after he broke the law and was fined for attending his own birthday party.

It has been claimed that Johnson’s spin doctor Lee Cain’s last day on the job on 13 November, 2020 did not want a leaving do until the Prime Minister turned up.

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This happened during England’s second national lockdown when the law said no one was allowed to attend or hold indoor gatherings.

The Sunday Times was told by a source, “This wasn’t a leaving drinks’ until Mr Johnson arrived.

“This was the usual press office Friday evening wash-up drinks, the source told the newspaper.

“Boris came fumbling over, red box in tow, and he gathered the staff around the press office table, which did have bottles of alcohol on it.

“He said he wanted to say a few words for Lee and started pouring drinks for people and drinking himself.”

Johnson’s official photographer took photo’s which show the Prime Minister drinking a can of Estrella beer at his birthday gathering,  which have been obtained by the Metropolitan police.

A source “who has seen pictures of one gathering at Downing Street” said there were “people around the table, and there was loads of alcohol.”

“If you put that picture on the front pages, I think a lot of people, MPs, who have priced a lot of stuff in will not have priced that in, because it looks like a massive piss-up,” they added.

Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner said that the British people “deserve better” in a Prime Minister.

“If true, this means he not only attended the parties, but was a ringleader of at least one,” she tweeted.

“Boris Johnson has deliberately misled the public at every turn.

“This Prime Minister has demeaned his office. The British people deserve better.”

The characterisation of the party was not denied by a Downing Street source, but insisted that the claims Johnson was the instigator is not true.

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