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Beliefs about money that prevent to get rich and conquer that one beauty

by Sarah Dunsby
2nd Aug 18 7:30 am

How can I get rich? No way. Money is evil, and they are of no use to anyone. Remember this stupidity and never say it again. If you think so, it means one of two things: either you do not have money, and you are enraged, or you hide them from the tax. Only those who have it can talk badly about wealth. In other cases, this is the result of incorrect financial education or looks like an attempt to justify your own failures. Let’s see what superstitions about money can keep you from becoming rich and what their impact is. It is not another useless how to get a rich guide, but a great compilation of working advice. This article is provided by the Ukraine dating site.

Money scenario

Researchers argue that many people’s beliefs about money resemble a kind of scenario. As an actor who learns the lines of the text, some people talk about money, declaring the hackneyed phrases imposed by society. They, as a rule, lie outside our consciousness and are transmitted from an environment that has an ambiguous attitude towards rich people. They think that all the ways to get rich are dirty.

Our views on money are often severely limited since they are formed by people of a similar social environment: with the same upbringing and with the same financial situation. As a result, our attitude to wealth is truthful only in part and is not disputed by anyone. This forces some people to stay within the negative notion of big money, making them think that rich people are greedy and that true virtue is possible only without material excesses.

Early experience of negative attitudes toward money

This idea of ​​money is hereditary. This scenario can be instilled into a person by his parents, and then he convinces his children. One who grows up in poor conditions regularly faces an ambiguous attitude toward wealth.

As a child, he heard his parents angrily blamed for the greed of the landlord, the boss at work or a rich relative who did not want to share money. The negative view of the material excess can be fixed in the school due to cruel treatment by a classmate from a rich family. In children’s collectives, there is a strong stratification, depending on the financial situation of the parents.

From this moment the idea of ​​wealth is formed as something inseparable from cruelty and injustice. And when it repeats throughout life, finding confirmation in communicating with the people of your circle, then the attitude to wealth becomes even more categorical. Such beliefs in the future play the role of filters, which leave in the field of your attention only those examples that confirm the viciousness of rich people. At the same time, positive examples of philanthropy are often ignored, such as the Gates Family Foundation, which has donated more than $ 30 billion to charity.

People who argue on this scenario sometimes change their perception of wealth and then the main question arises: how to get rich quickly? For despite the change in attitude towards wealth, they still misunderstand how this wealth is earned. They think that the richness is earned by the wave of a magic wand.

Financial sabotage

Because of the accumulated negative association with money in the subconsciousness of people, a mechanism of financial self-destruction is being formed. And even if in the future we recognize that money can improve our life, this mechanism involuntarily sabotages various processes that are related to finance. For example, the case when you think it shameful to ask for a salary increase from the boss or you spend unexpectedly earned money. It can also be manifested in ill-considered investments or when you borrow money to a person knowing in advance that he or she will not return them.

Recent studies have shown that a prejudiced attitude toward wealth directly affects the financial literacy of a person and his monetary potential. Such people are looking for easy ways of earning – how to get rich online is their favourite question.

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