Home Business News Belarus threatens to launch missiles on the West if they come under an ‘attack’ warning ‘we are being provoked’

Belarus threatens to launch missiles on the West if they come under an ‘attack’ warning ‘we are being provoked’

5th Jul 22 4:20 pm

Belarus which is now de facto Russian soil has threatened missile attacks on the West and NATO countries if the country were to come under an “attack.”

Alexander Lukashenko who is an ally of Vladimir Putin firmly stands with the Russian leader in his “special military operation” in Ukraine and is committed to a “union state” with the Kremlin.

The Belarusian President warned that he will not tolerate attacks from Western countries on Belarus and they will attack back without hesitation.

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He warned, “Less than a month ago, I gave orders to the units of the armed forces to target what can now be called the decision-making centres in capitals.

“Don’t touch us – and we won’t touch you.”

He added, that “We are being provoked.

“About three days ago, maybe more, an attempt was made from Ukraine to attack military targets in Belarus.

“Thank God our tank air defence systems intercepted all missiles,” although this has not been confirmed.

Ukrainian officials are bracing for conflict with Belarus who are preparing a full scale attack on the Ukraine after Lukashenko ordered “military drills” near to the border of the Kyiv region.

According to reports Lukashenko’s men “continue to be in the border areas [of Ukraine] of the Brest and Gomel regions,” and Gomel is north of Kyiv.

The General Staff said, “According to available information, the military commissariats of the specified regions are studying the possibilities of covert mobilisation of the population.”

Putin’s puppet Lukashenko is under pressure by the Russian leader to take a central role in the “special operation” and attack the Ukraine.

However this could be tricky to complete for Lukashenko as a group of “senior military officers in a Special Forces unit” are rebelling against Putin’s war in Ukraine and they are “openly” speaking out against joining Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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