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Beginner tips: How to conduct stock market research

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12th Jun 20 3:24 pm

When it comes to investing, doing some research about the market is important to ensure the product is worth your time, money, trust, and energy. Plus, it can also be a great way to improve your investment skills and help make educated decisions. Luckily, this method applies to stock investments. If you want to make full benefit of your money, you need to learn how stock market research works and what it can do to help you become a successful investor.

Primarily, a stock market research involves the gathering of everything you can learn about a stock share or most likely known as a piece of ownership in a business. This can provide you with adequate knowledge about the stock market and how you can take advantage of it to make more money and avoid losing it.

So, if you think stock market research can help you learn the ins and outs of stock investments, here’s how you can get started with this process.


Learn everything about a company


The first step towards doing a stock market research is to know everything about a company. It can help you learn all the essential information about the company and use it to determine the stocks you should buy or sell.

Just like in other forms of investments, investing in stocks means you should know the company you want to have a piece of ownership very well. Below are some ways on how you can uncover vital information about a business organization:

  • Review SEC Filings: Legitimate companies are required to be registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission. Once they’re registered, they need to submit quarterly and annual reports about the company. Thus, you can go through these reports when doing your stock market research.
  • Head Over to Stock Research Websites – You can also use the web in collecting information about a specific company. For instance, you can look for research companies that provide valuable news about the companies, the market, and even the economy. Luckily, using this method is easy because there are lots of stock research websites to choose from. They can be a reliable source of information about specific stock investment.
  • Check Out Industry Trade Magazines – Typically, the business industry has a trade magazine where you can discover the essential trends, impacting companies as well as the competitive environment of the business sector.
  • Visit Online Forums and Review Sites – With the internet, it’s much easier to learn something substantial about a company. Perhaps, you can check out some online forums and review sites to know what other people think about the company and its products and services.


Use a reliable technical analysis tool for stock market research


Another great way to conduct stock market research is to use reliable technical analysis tool for price trends. The most critical tool under this category is a stock chart. It refers to a price chart showing a stock’s price designed over a timeline and some stock chart features and patterns. These include:

  • Stock Exchange and Symbol – It shows the symbol for the stock and the exchange used for trading.
  • Chart Period – This can be daily, weekly, monthly, or annual presentation of data showing short and long-term price movements.
  • Price Change – It shows the critical data points for the price changes within a specific period. These include the open price at the start of the day, the close price at the end of the day, high price and low price as the highest and lowest during the session.
  • Volume – It refers to the amount of stock being bought and sold over a time.

As you can see, you should pay attention to these relevant features when looking at the chart for your stock market research. It’s crucial to correctly navigate this technical analysis tool to get the data you need for your research. Also, you should know how to read a stock chart so you can study the past and present price movements and predict the possibility of any future price actions.


Keep an eye for significant stock market indicators


It’s also vital to look for significant stock market indicators apart from knowing the essential company information and current price trends. For instance, these factors can go a long way in optimizing your stock market research and deciding which stock is worthy of your investment.

To do this, you should start looking for the positive signs for stocks in a company such as engaging in new partnerships, getting new contracts and other deals, closing finances, and many more. These circumstances can indicate that a company is heading toward a fruitful direction, which can help you determine whether to invest or not.

On the other hand, you should also watch for some bad signs for stocks which can be anything crazy and terrible going on with the company. These include top management leaving the company to take a job at another firm, reduction of dividend cut to shareholders, switching of auditors from time to time, and many more. When you notice these situations, it can signify that owning stocks in the company might not be a good investment option.


Analyze the company’s balance sheet


When doing stock market research, it’s essential to pay attention to a company’s basic financial statements, particularly the balance sheet. It refers to a summary of the financial balance of income and expenses over a specified period. It includes a report of all the assets such as personal properties, cash in the banks, shares of stocks, accounts receivables, and anything convertible to cash. It also outlines the company’s debts and liabilities.

Generally, an organization’s balance sheet analysis plays an integral role in your stock market research. For instance, when a company owes fewer debts, it means that it’s in better financial shape and can operate successfully. Also, when the total assets and debts are balanced, it shows that the company owns many assets which are clear of any liabilities. These can be two important points to remember for your research.


Stocks can be one of the most significant forms of investments. Therefore, you should perform due diligence in doing your stock market research. Because of impulsivity, you might lose money if you fail to understand the importance of research. Although it takes time and energy, you can handle this task with the knowledge and tips mentioned above.

Hopefully, you find this article useful when starting your journey as an investor in the stock market. Besides, you have many reasons to be optimistic about investing in the stock market today and in the future.

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