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How can you improve your investment skills?

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25th Sep 19 1:51 pm

It is important to cultivate the habit of saving and investing money so that you can have a financial nest egg to achieve your monetary goals. You can hire a financial advisor who can recommend investment opportunities for you, but that can only take you so far. Making sound investments is an art that needs practice and patience. It can also ensure excellent returns throughout your life.

While an average investor uses unspent money for investments, a good investor dutifully reserve a chunk of their earnings for investments every month. If you want to start investing, this blog can help you with an insight into the traits required for becoming a good investor and different ways to improve your investment skills.

What are the skills required for making great investments?

Investing should be a habit to be cultivated throughout your life. Developing the following qualities can help develop your investment instincts.

  • Persistence: Persistence is the key to making your investments work for you. You must keep investing even if your investments don’t offer much returns. Analysing what went wrong and correcting it with the next investment will improve your intuition.
  • Risk aversion: Not all investment avenues offer the same kind of returns. Smart investments require you to know and develop your risk appetite gradually and act accordingly. You should also have an aversion to very risky avenues in the beginning. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Intuition: Investments such as stocks or mutual funds require a certain degree of intuition. You should be able to differentiate high-return investments from low-return investments and should be able to guess which stocks would perform better at the stock market.
  • Willingness to keep learning: You can get better at investment only if you have the will to keep learning. The stock or trade markets are volatile and dependent on economic trends. It is important to be abreast of the latest news before making an investment in stocks or mutual funds.

How to improve your investment skills?

You can improve your aptitude for investment by following the suggestions mentioned below.

  • Read more: Read more books on finance, business, and stock exchanges. This will enhance your knowledge in the domain and improve your aptitude for making smart investments.
  • Pursue a course on the subject: If you want to enter the domain of large-scale investments, it is advisable to pursue a short course or degree in the domain. Alternative financial domains such as Islamic banking are gaining traction for being investor-friendly. You can explore masters in Islamic studies or banking to build your foundation in the subject.
  • Treat investment seriously: You should view investment as a serious activity worthy of study and analysis. Put in time and effort into learning different investment approaches, talking to other investors and reading news associated with the stock or trade markets.
  • Delay gratifications: Delaying your gratification is one way to cultivate a habit of saving. Instead of spending money on unnecessary things like a luxury car, redirect that money into investments and watch your capital grow.
  • Exercise caution: There are many scammers and con-persons in the investment world just as any other industry. It is advisable to carefully go through the concerning documents and do your homework before investing in any opportunity.
  • Make discipline a habit: You should make saving money a part of your routine just as other necessary things like eating and drinking. Good investors seldom get distracted with tempting offers or investment fads. You should also invest in only one or two avenues instead of spreading yourself thin.

Emergencies such as illnesses or accidents can drain your finances quicker than you think. Investing wisely can help you deal with such emergencies. It also makes you financially prudent and creates a capital nest for fulfilling your dreams.

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