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Artificial intelligence is here to redefine hair transplant consultation

by John Saunders
14th Sep 21 5:56 pm

Artificial Intelligence has had enormous potential in the health and medical field worldwide during the last few years. Turkey, one of the Top 5 in the world’s medical tourism, is not setting this technological advance aside. Therefore, MCAN Health, one top medical travel company, announced Artificial Intelligence will be available for patients who want to get hair transplant consultations

The impact of artificial intelligence in the surgery and medical field

Artificial Intelligence is the best solution for patients and plastic surgeons to make the most accurate diagnosis, solution and follow-up. AI puts patients in control of their health and well-being when they decide to get a plastic or aesthetic treatment.

It is proven that AI is as good as doctors diagnosing and finding the most effective solutions for patients. According to different medical journals, AI can correctly diagnose pathology in 87% of the cases, whereas healthcare professionals have an 87% rate.

Covid-19 pandemic increased online demand of plastic and aesthetic treatments worldwide

Nowadays, and especially after Covid-19 pandemic, demand for plastic surgery has increased as never before due to Zoom Dysmorphia. This is one side effect of Covid-19, which the specialists define as the negative altered perception of the face and body image after hours of video-camera meetings, arouse all over the world.

Society started to have a remote way of living and working. Suddenly, seeing oneself on a screen during prolonged times triggered a self-critical comparative response. Therefore, thousands of hundreds decided to get plastic surgery, especially to enhance face parts or hair.

Plastic surgeries are used to enhance how one person looks, so people seek affordable and high-quality options and are eager to travel for the treatments. Besides, going to a clinic for a diagnosis is sometimes difficult due to pandemic situations. Furthermore, we live in a communication era, where it is easier to get anything quicker. Why not a plastic and hair transplant consultation? MCAN Health thought on what was best for their patients. The team found it was the best moment to implement AI with medical consultation to offer what patients expect: quick and effective consultations before they treatments. And there is another plus: there is no need to move from home.

Dr. Ethos: The future of medical consultations is here

Dr. Ethos has been designed to help medical professionals worldwide. Nowadays, MCAN Health is using it on their website to help patients get a quick diagnosis for hair transplant consultations. Maybe a robot is coming to your mind now, but we are talking about an AI-based virtual consultation platform that can give any patient a quick diagnosis and treatment plan.

AI will be assisting the surgeons and experts in making efficient diagnoses while reducing possible errors. Furthermore, it will make data collection more accessible, something significant in the medical field. Even patients sometimes forget their former illnesses, surgeries or pathologies. Dr Ethos is capable of collecting quick data and having a fast diagnosis and treatment plan for any women or men planning a hair transplant in Turkey.

Thanks to Dr Ethos, there will not be a need for talking on the phone, sending photos on WhatsApp, nor having to open, read and send endless emails. Also, Dr Ethos allows patients to book video consultations with doctors to improve patient’s experience and feel even safer.

Benefits and advantages of hair transplant in Turkey online consultation

The future of hair transplant consultation worldwide, especially in Turkey, where most of their patients are coming from the UK and Europe, is tending to Artificial Intelligence. 24/7 availability provided by Dr Ethos allows patients to have immediate answers and diagnosis, no matter the time and location.

Patients can benefit from AI-virtual consultation thanks to MCAN Health. Their exceptional technical team has worked hand to hand with one of the best hair transplant medical teams from Turkey, created Dr Ethos.

According to Gülsultan Dogan, CEO and Founder of MCAN Health, “AI-virtual consultation is helping a lot of patients to have quick diagnoses. There is no need to wait until they know if they can or not have a hair implant. We are the first medical-tourism company in Turkey who can give a totally tailored treatment plan in just a few minutes, 365 days of the year, at any time.”

MCAN Health improved Dr Ethos AI-virtual consultation and nowadays it is also available in other languages. After providing hair transplantation to more than 10,000 international patients, the team is now ready to offer an unforgettable experience from the first moment the person interacts with MCAN through Dr Ethos AI-virtual consultation.

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