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Are you really ready for your job interview? Discover these five additional preparation tips

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17th Oct 19 10:16 am

Outfit ready? Alarm set? Checked out the location of the interview on Google Maps? Preparing for an interview is both an exciting and apprehensive time. You need to impress, yet get there on time, try to guess what questions you might be given and then come up with the answers that will impress the most, and hopefully not make a fool of yourself.

Everyone has their own way of preparing for interviews, ways to calm their nerves and feel as though they’re in control. But what other steps can you take to ensure you’re 100% ready for your interview? Read on to discover 5 additional preparation tips.

Go through your CV

Your prospective employer will have scoured this with a fine tooth comb, but just because you sent it off and you got a positive response doesn’t mean that your interviewer won’t want to discuss it in more detail. Take some time to go through it again, check it for spelling and grammar mistakes – scribbr.com can help you here, and click the link to find out more about the scibbrapa citation tool – and go through every point you made about your past experiences, your knowledge of certain practices and even what you do in your spare time.

Research the company

You will be expected to know what the company does and what services they provide. However, to make a good impression and to adapt your answers to the company’s ethos, research as much about the company as possible. For example, how many employees they have, who their main competitors are and even any big projects they have coming up.

Re-read the job description

It could be nerves, or it could be the fact that you’ve applied for more than one job and you can’t remember the individual details. Don’t get caught out in the interview, go through the job description and find out what personality traits of yours coincides with the role, the skills required and any experience you have in this field. Tailor your answers and take notes if this makes it easier.

Take down notes

There is no way to know what questions you’re going to get on the day. However, you can still write down specific points about yourself, including relevant skills and examples of when you worked under pressure or dealt with an unhappy customer etc. You won’t be penalised for having notes and taking a few moments to look at them. If anything, it demonstrates your dedication to the role and your organisational skills.

Have a backup plan

You might have your journey planned out to the very last detail, but if your car decides not to start in the morning of your interview, your plans mean nothing. It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan, so check the bus routes to the interview, train times, or see if you can catch a lift. Don’t leave anything to the last minute and always ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes early.

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